Tang Yin Fu Road: Let the dilapidated old house “old appearance new look”

“Look how beautiful this place is now. It’s like a little garden.”These days, There are often people in Nanyang village of Fu Dao town in twos and threes to see a rare old house.Approached nanyang village this old house, only to hear everyone still talking about, sigh, happy.Look, house beside one peach tree was brilliant, rows of prunus persica bloom, bamboo line of a root, use the new paint color, with red brick road surface into a smooth and clean, also with a curb on adornment, the middle of the road inclination with a composed of stone roller, Shi Mopan stone table, open optional put quite a few, looks kind of natural, whole is old curtilage also like garden,Become a beautiful scenery line of Nanyang village.A house a creative, a tree a scenery, filed a renovation of the old curtilage in, nanyang village party branch secretary li Ming said, “our village and many villages, hollow compound more and scattered, mainly the elderly living at ordinary times, dilapidated house, courtyard rice canopy, chicken coops and pig sty at random, the image of the overall environment and beautiful country,So we decided to create a bright spot to improve the environment of the village.”Since the renovation of rural living environment, Nanyang village actively responded to the call, the development of implementation plan, will be scattered in the village before the house after the stone roll, stone millstone collection, after two weeks of peripheral demolition and in-situ transformation, the old house has a “completely changed” change.Wang Wuping, who was involved in paving bricks, said cheerfully, “The environment here is certainly good now. The place has been put to use and looks better. It is safe and reassuring for children to play here, and the elderly also have a playground.””The dream of the old house, to retain homesickness, to create a beautiful livable Nanyang, this is our village in the renovation of the living environment adhere to the original intention”.Li Ming said with emotion that every brick and tile, every tree and every tree in this place all express everyone’s affection to their hometown.In rural areas, especially the elderly, have a fixed life habit, some don’t have to and affect the environment of “old projects” to discard, li Ming took the village cadres and the door of the “two committees” persuasion, at the same time improve the old face is old curtilage, let people see the change of the real, to get real happiness, consciously involved in the renovation work.In order to build a beautiful and livable village, Nanyang village also actively cleaned up pits and ditches, improved the ecological environment, planted along the road with large leaf ligustrum and white bark pine, and improved the landscape along the road.Through a series of renovation, the village courtyard becomes beautiful, the road becomes green, and the happiness of the masses arises spontaneously.Now nanyang Village, under the genial sunshine shining, a harmonious beautiful village livable map has been formed.(Correspondent: Li Xiufang)

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