While many people argue with each other over which chili is the hottest, one province in northwest China is keeping it low-key

When it comes to China’s most spicy provinces, you must say Hunan or Jiangxi, where everything is spicy, even the stuffed buns are spicy.However, there is a province in China, eating spicy than Hunan and Jiangxi more characteristic, they are directly as a dish to eat hot pepper.In the past, when it comes to spicy provinces, people have been discussing the topic of how much chili to put in dishes, but few people pay attention to how to keep the spicy and not so spicy and fresh. There is a province in China that has taken on the responsibility to make chili its own characteristics, that is Shaanxi.For years, as the nation squabbled over which chili was the hottest, Shaanxi’s people quietly listened.From ancient times up to now, shaanxi people are not happy with spicy food, but shaanxi spicy food is called “oil shreds spicy”, which gives full play to the freshness of chili peppers.Xiaobian is a native of Hebei province, who can hardly eat any chili. However, after visiting Shaanxi province, especially Xi ‘an, I felt overwhelmed by chili and couldn’t help myself. I really experienced what no spicy food is.Oil shreds have changed the taste buds of people who do not eat spicy food, so that every time I come to Xi ‘an, I will buy several bottles of oil shreds and bring them back. After eating them, I will buy them again, so that the surrounding families fall in love with the taste.What is oil shreds?How can it make a non-spicy person addicted?Take a look at the chili made by a Shaanxi man to make oil shreds, and then watch how he makes incense.Shaanxi people do oil shreds, is to use dry pepper cut section and pepper pressed into chili noodles, and then add sesame seeds cooked peanuts, etc., oil in the pot until there is oil smoke out of the fire, and then, the hot oil poured on the prepared pepper surface, instant sizzling sound, full of aroma began to scatter.It is said that people in Sichuan and Hunan eat chili because it is wet to get wet, while xi ‘an enjoys hot and dry climate, which is related to the dietary habits of Shaanxi people.Shaanxi people mainly eat pasta, if there is no hot pepper noodles, it does not taste, coupled with the cold climate in autumn and winter, slowly develop the custom of eating hot pepper.There is a folk song that goes like this: “The East wind of the Qinchuan river is magnificent for eight hundred miles, and 30 million children sing the Qinqiang opera.Eat a bowl of mutton bubble beaming, no oil hot son dudang rang “, these words fully reflect shaanxi people to oil hot son love.Shaanxi people eat chili and southerners are the biggest difference, in fact, sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi and other places to eat chili is red and green pepper, and Shaanxi people mainly eat chili noodles lane oil shreds.There is also a point, when all over the country to eat chili dishes when the pepper when the ornament, but shaanxi people, it is often as a main course on the table to entertain relatives and friends.In Xi ‘an, you will find that no matter how good a table is, even in a five-star hotel, it must be a bowl of spicy oil, just as Koreans love kimchi.Therefore, in all parts of Shaanxi, there is a saying of “oil shreds a dish”, commonly known as “Eight strange Shaanxi”.As for the hot pepper complex of Shaanxi people, a friend from Xi ‘an described the scene of his children having meals at school like this: The children’s primary school provided Chinese food, and the children ate hot buns and chili peppers. Finally, the chili peppers were all eaten, leaving the teachers at a loss.About shaanxi oil shreds, have you tried them?Do you like it?

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