Hard beans play house play mother, star too strange’s identity rose a level, hard dad was very handsome when he was young

What is happiness?Happiness is like a cat eating fish, a dog eating meat, altman playing little monsters, what is happiness?Happy in the childhood memories of friends, the friendship between friends, happy about these star too after visited courageously bean house, saw his family’s security and awake after dad when I was young, and courageously bean finally disappeared after the fact, and the disappearance of joy, of niang will begin from a day at the star too at Vincent’s mansion.Hello everyone, this is Meng Niang, welcome back to here. In the previous content, you have also learned about the basic situation of The Fandou family, luxury villa, private butler, nanny and driver. These are not the treatment of ordinary families, day after day, year after year to replicate life is boring.Fendou will bring you something new and interesting.Hard beans wet nurse we have seen, and he looks similar to the housekeeper, but hard beans bodyguard has been very mysterious, their mystery is not easy not to show up, but hard beans special requirements are a little high, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder should be able to experience the hard beans.While their pictures may look neat, the behavior is dangerous, and it doesn’t exist in real life, only in fictional comic books.Since unique point, courageously beans unique principle of doing things is to carry out in the end, in order to highlight his persistent personality, of the Ann, star is also based on the principle of diligence beans can bring a surprise to him, so we will continue to follow him to visit courageously family mansion, lazy everyone heard of wisdom and diligence bean home now to enjoy the treatment,It is the convenience that high technology brings to people’s life.Everything has advantages and disadvantages, reasonable use can get twice the result with half the effort, the wrong method will only backfire, advanced science and technology to the bean home life brought convenience, but also because of the wrong use of the bean, brought him a fatal danger.It is dangerous to play video games, so be careful and try not to touch them.After a day together, Xing Taiqi summarized his impressions like a spring outing. In the picture he saw, his first impression was that fen Dou’s house was big and quiet, unlike their second floor and noisy neighbors, which was a very common phenomenon.Every family has this difficult to read, people only have a pair of hands, moving bricks to make money can not go to hug the family, hard dad busy work, rarely accompany hard beans in life.Why there are so many people who work outside, when New Year’s day when you can get the salary of two times higher than normal, but still choose to go home with their family, relatives, after all, love is cannot use money to measure between, courageously beans with superior living conditions, less the company of parents, life star is too ordinary, but the parents have enough love.From the hard beans can be seen in the memories of hard dad when young is also very handsome, hard beans is a lively and lovely child, just as the star too strange experience of hard beans full of moved, hard beans next move but let star too strange surprise.Hard beans recall childhood games, play house play mother, star too strange’s identity directly rose a level, become the youngest father, perhaps hard beans this is to recall the happy time of childhood, it can be seen how important parents love and accompany their children.Want to learn more wonderful content, quick attention to sprout niang anime courageously dad and pin-up too lifelike, star too lucky enough to visit, courageously bean’s move brings surprise beans dad w muscles, bean mom level is dramatic in appearance, the old teacher after receiving the gift expression mutation star too: ancient teacher to dig into the mystical treasures, bean lamp is about to find my mom and dad

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