The secret of a man who loves you alone: occasionally

Both men and women in the beginning of a relationship think about how to express more of their perfect image.Afraid of their own a little mistake, let the other party away from their own.Men will say all kinds of sweet things and bow down to women.For fear of offending the “little princess”, she racked her brains every day to find a way to make her happy.Then some means of women, want to get a long-term love, want to let a man pet you alone, a woman to learn these “small tricks”, just more men’s favor.Refuse to be bored with crooked all day long, the occasional disconnected life is not only bored with crooked, as well as firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea.Stick together for a long time, will let the other party feel the loss of freedom, no matter where to go with you, like a drag bottle.If you fail to take care of your emotions, you can go home and make a scene.Once or twice, men can take it.Over time, men lose patience.So, distance yourself appropriately, and disconnect occasionally to give each other room to release.This makes a man think you understand him and he can’t live without you.Learn to alternate hot and cold, and occasionally keep him curious. No matter how difficult life seems, you will find a way and succeed.It’s that curiosity, so you might as well take advantage of it.Sometimes hot and sometimes cold to a man, let a man curious about you, let him want to know more about you.Dangle his “appetite”, so as to achieve the purpose of favoring you alone.But also want to know to grasp degree, otherwise can backfire, gain outweighs loss.For example, you make the first move on every date, and once in a while you stop asking him out and let him ask you out.Or you start every conversation, and occasionally you don’t take the initiative to let the other person take the initiative to talk to you.Sometimes love is like drinking a glass of juice, you don’t need to know its ingredients, as long as you enjoy the fun it brings — Zhang Defen Women are insecure, once dependent on someone, she will want to say everything to him.Especially in the love of women, they are more blind.This doesn’t make the other person feel important. It just makes them think you’re annoying.Everything will find him, never mind whether they are busy.Let the man have the feeling of wanting to escape, let the man feel infinite pressure.Try “losing contact” once in a while and turn off your phone.Give yourself a break. You don’t have to surround yourself with men.Such a sudden “lost contact”, let the man suddenly feel uncomfortable.Instead, they start to worry about you, are you in danger or are you going to leave?Occasionally “lost contact”, but let a man have a sense of crisis, so he will often think of you, so that he can not set his mind at work, so take the initiative to find you.In fact, any relationship needs each other to operate, love is the same, so some small measures in love can let a man more for you, but also let the love between you quickly to warm up.Love, is never one-sided pay, is the need to pay each other.You have me in your heart, I will have you in my heart.No matter which kind of means, are rushing to the happy result.Happiness is probably: you stick to that person, never hate you, you make and he is laughing.Wind and moon are good-looking, the world is also romantic author: Chen Fei emotional attention to my words, into your heart.The illustrations are from the Internet.

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