Wherever you buy a house, you can follow these six criteria, and the probability of going wrong is very small

In addition to housing properties, there are certain investment properties, everyone wants to buy a house with a large appreciation space, as long as we follow the following six principles when buying a house, the probability of stepping on thunder is very small:The first, buy the floor 1/3-2/3 of the house floor 1/3 to 2/3 of the house floor did not have both low level perennial damp, often attract mosquito shortcomings, also did not have high level too too rely on the elevator, water pressure is not enough, air thin, the field of vision here is open, it is the gold layer recognized by the personage inside course of study.The only disadvantage is that it is too popular, so the price is the highest in the same building, if you have a sufficient budget, the first choice or the middle layer;If the budget is not enough, in addition to the total height of 2±1 can be a priority.Second, buy sits family in our country have sufficient sun be the spirit of the south since ancient times, our ancestors first is sits building, this far from superstition also contains a certain scientific reason, first of all, the sun dongsheng west down, sits the housing can be all-round accept the light of the sun, the person’s mood with bright and clear,Plenty of sunshine is good for people’s health;Secondly, the air circulation of the north-south through-through residence is better, which can well take away some viruses indoors and provide more and fresher oxygen to the residents.Third, buy a moderate area of the house the area of the house is too empty, people’s decoration, housing, housing and other costs will increase;The general large apartment will have a lot of wireless dead spots, mobile phone signal is very unstable;Daily cleaning is also a time-consuming and labor-intensive project.The area is too small the function of the house may not be complete, the division of the area is unreasonable, not convenient for family members to study and live.But the size of the area is relatively speaking, suitable for their own is the best, according to the statistics of China’s per capita housing area of about 30 square meters, we can choose housing according to the number of family members.Fourth, to buy a three-bedroom house, first of all, three-bedroom can meet the housing needs of ordinary families. The bedroom can be transformed into a large bedroom. A general family of three can change one of the three-bedroom rooms into a study or cloakroom, so that their quality of life will be improved to a certain extent.Secondly, with the comprehensive opening of China’s three-child policy, the popularity of two-bedroom will be greatly reduced in the future. Considering their own budget, most families of four or five people will still buy three-bedroom. In case they encounter some urgent things that need to be realized, they do not need to worry about the house being unsold.Fifth, compared with the middle houses, the side houses are mostly located in the corridor houses. The lighting and ventilation effect of the side houses are very good, and they are very quiet. The living experience of the east houses is better, while the price of the west houses is cheaper.Sixth, buy elevator room if you buy three floors and above the house, it is best to buy with the elevator, the elevator in addition to convenient people’s travel, but also to help us carry heavy objects, on the occasion of the Spring Festival home purchase goods can be transported by the elevator, both labor and time saving.

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