Lanzhou carries out food safety inspection

Daily Gansu Network On January 30, lanzhou Evening News reported that the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival approaching, the city’s major markets ushered in the consumption peak, how to ensure food safety during the festival, the city’s market supervision departments at all levels can not be idle.In recent days, market regulators focused on alcohol, dairy products and meat products, focusing on food wholesale markets, markets, supermarkets and other key places, increasing the supervision and inspection of hot holiday food and imported cold chain food sampling frequency, to ensure the safety of the tip of the tongue.In Gansu food business Square, after temperature measurement, code scanning and registration information, the reporter followed the law enforcement officers into the market, in gansu Xinyu Wanjia Meat Industry Co., LTD., the law enforcement officers randomly selected a cold chain food, by scanning the commodity corresponding to the “Lanzhou imported cold chain food supervision warehouse” TWO-DIMENSIONAL code,Check commodity source information, warehouse entry certificate information, inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, disinfection certificate and other information one by one, and require merchants to wear masks, disinfection on time and make good records.”Currently, those engaged in imported cold-chain food need to test nucleic acid twice a week, and those engaged in domestic cold-chain food need to test nucleic acid once a week.”City market supervision bureau relevant person in charge said.Have learned, in order to strengthen food safety supervision, lanzhou market regulators focusing on alcohol, dairy and meat products, etc, focusing on the food wholesale market, market, chains and dinner meal, and other fields, normalized risk prevention and control, will intensify supervision and inspection of sell like hot cakes festival food cold-chain food imports and sampling frequency.Kou Zenghui, deputy director of the food circulation department of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, said, “We set up six supervision groups to carry out pre-holiday supervision and dispatched 12,000 law enforcement officers to inspect more than 6,200 shops.The price of food in circulation is stable, the quality is reliable, and quarantine measures are complete.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Du Zhichao

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