What are the “ordinary” stories of the year told in our Annual Review Conference 2021?

China Youth Daily Client Beijing, January 30 (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Shen Jiequn) still remember 2021, we have seen, heard, experienced those stories?Our Annual Conference 2021 will be broadcast on Beijing SATELLITE TV tonight.The show invited representatives from all walks of life to sum up 2021 and look ahead to 2022.In “2021 our annual Summary Conference”, sharing the way of speech, let the audience hear the voice of 2021 China: ma Daxiang, the father of small stone, let us hear SMA small group family, ordinary life crying with joy;Qiu Haijun, senior Vice President and co-CHIEF Technology Officer of BOE, let us hear the voice of Continuous cries and breakthroughs of Chinese science and technology;Designer Song Zhuangzhuang let us hear the voice of dialogue between people and architecture on the central axis.Wang Lin, director of Sinovsk Vaccine R&D, let us hear the voice of the vaccine r&d team, moving forward against the wind.Looking back at the “us” in 2021, some people work hard for firewood, rice, oil and salt, some fight for their ambitions, and some strive for collective honor.Although the road ahead will be bumpy, with different twists and turns and difficulties, “we” have the same courage and persistence.In “2021 our annual summary Conference”, Guangzhou 205 line bus driver Zhang Zhide told a thrilling 10 seconds to save two lives of the heart process;Wang Lin, deputy director of the Labor Relations Department of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, continued to keep in touch with his “food delivery master” as both teacher and friend after experiencing the hard work of food delivery workers.Tie Dou, an online sports girl blogger, turns her passion into work;Fei’s father Li Yuanyuan said he would continue to deliver food to improve his family’s life after she became an Internet sensation.Xie Jixiao shares the journey of his team, SpaceLens, to pursue their dreams.Our Annual Summary Conference 2021 adopts an innovative mix of “speech + short video + performance”.Short video “small screen” presents real people and events, moving;In the performance part, the program invited Zhang Jie, Li Ronghao, You Changjing, INTO1 and other groups to sing on stage.”2021 Our Summary Conference” through the sharing of 4 fragments of the collection, so that the audience see the ordinary life of unknown devotees, as well as ordinary heroes created extraordinary miracle, and witness China’s rapid development in medicine, aerospace, science and technology and other fields.Source: China Youth Daily client

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