Inventory!Everything you need to know about nursing at the University of South Australia

The demand for registered nurses in Australia has been increasing.As one of the flagship specialties of the University of South Australia, bachelor of Nursing has always been favored by students.The University of South Australia is ranked in the world’s top 100 for nursing, according to the QS Subject Rankings 2021.According to the Australian Health Department government report, by 2025, Australia will have a shortage of 85,000 nurses, and the number will climb to 123,000 by 2030.About the nursing major, students also have many questions about credit reduction, internship, registration and so on.Today xiaobian combined with common questions, sorted out the following dry goods.English Entry Requirements For undergraduate nursing and Midwifery the English requirements for undergraduate nursing and midwifery are up to a minimum of 7.0 for ielts in accordance with the Australian Association of Nurses and Midwives standards.This is mainly because nurses play an important role in the health care system.First and foremost, a nurse is a doctor’s right hand. She needs to understand the case, take medicine for the patient, and prepare the corresponding medical instruments under the command of the doctor when making a home visit.In addition, nurses need to deal with and communicate with all kinds of patients, and understand their demands. All the above implementation is based on nurses’ skilled English skills. After all, there is no room for mistakes in medical treatment.It is worth mentioning that the University of South Australia also accepts other professional English tests such as PTE, TOEFL PBT, iBT, OET, etc.Students who do not meet the requirements can apply for the language class, but after the language class, they still need to provide the corresponding English language score to apply for admission.Credit Reduction If you have a bachelor’s degree in nursing abroad and a certificate in nursing practice, you may receive one academic year of credit reduction.Internship As the nursing program that offers the most internship courses (more than 900 hours of industry internship), the internship program is arranged by the University of South Australia, and the industry internship is supported from the first year of undergraduate study.Internship sites include major hospitals and clinics throughout South Australia.However, before the internship, students need to make the following preparations in advance:For example, Australia attaches great importance to the safety of children.DHS Working with Children Check is valid for five years. This application period varies from person to person, so you need to prepare in advance.The vaccination vaccine injection required in the vaccination injection list can be translated into the Domestic Vaccination Booklet in advance. Students can make an appointment at the University of South Australia clinic for supplementary vaccination, which is very convenient.Once the materials on the list are ready, they can be uploaded to InPlace, the internship system.In addition to the internship program, the University of South Australia also has its own fully simulated hospital environment: Horizon Hospital and Health Services, also known as HHHS.Students can practice in six simulated wards, including medical, surgical, intensive care, emergency, operating room and midwifery suite.It’s important to note that midwifery students can also use HHHS.Here, under the guidance of senior nurses and midwives, students can restore real hospitals and health services, using full-life simulated mannequins, can simulate breathing, coughing and other signs, and record vital signs.Be prepared for an industry internship.Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Midwifery graduates from the University of South Australia meet the academic requirements set by the Australian Association of Nurses and Midwives (NMBA) for accreditation.

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