“Jilin No.1” the guardian of clairvoyant

Hold your breath, concentrate, test.Just after the New Year’s day, walking into the assembly workshop of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., LTD., I was attracted by a young man with vivid eyes and gentle manners.”His name is Liu Xu. Although he is not very old, he has a very high position and is engaged in a very important job.”Long light satellite party and government office head di te said.In space work, there is no room for carelessness. We must always strive for excellence and maintain awe.The picture shows Liu Xu at work.Liu Xu is the principal of the optical and mechanical subsystem of the Gaofen series of Changguang satellite.In July 2017, After Liu Xu came to the company, he came into contact with the reflector work of “Jilin No.1” Gaofen 02 star camera.The mirror precision is better than 5 nm, which is expensive and has high mirror precision.”Because the mirror has the characteristics of high precision and high cleanliness, special attention should be paid in the process of mirror precision testing, even the scratch of the fingernail will affect the final shape quality of the mirror.”According to Liu Xu, once he accidentally found large astigmatism in some mirrors during mirror assembly inspection. After investigation and decomposition, disassembly and test, it was found that the screw connecting internal components was not smooth, and the problem was solved after improvement.It also reminded him of the rigor of satellite development, down to the fact that every screw needs to be checked one by one for its smoothness, and even the slightest bit of unsmoothness needs to be reworked.Nowadays, Liu Xu has grown into a professional technical backbone from a fledgling boy and gained a lot of technical experience.During this period, he successively took charge of the design and development of the components of “Jilin-1” gaofen series satellite phase unit, and was praised by the engineers around him as the guardian of “Jilin-1” satellite Clairvoyant.”I was under a lot of psychological pressure when I received the task related to the Gaofen 03A star camera. At that time, the company put forward high requirements on the accuracy and lightweight of the camera mirror.”Liu xu said that in the face of urgent tasks and short cycles, he plunged into the work of improving the support structure of the traditional mirror. He proposed to change the split structure into an integrated structure, which reduces the mass and improves the accuracy of the gravity surface.And in the subsequent assembly stage, through repeated tests to overcome a number of technical difficulties, to ensure the project schedule.”Over the years, every time the camera I worked on was successfully launched, I felt it was all worth it.”Standing in front of the test bench, Liu Xu said with emotion that the commercial space work should not be careless. We should always pursue excellence and maintain awe. Only by sticking to the “screw” spirit, being willing to study, bear hardships and bear loneliness can we do the work well.Source: Changchun Daily

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