Relax the Yin yoga of neck shoulder waist back, dredge up and down meridians, must try

Yin yoga is a slow-paced stretching practice that centers on opening the smallest fibers between the joints.I like to think of Yin yoga as the physical practice of opening from the tiniest point of closure, plus the mental practice of observing our reaction when we are asked to slow down.Yin yoga gives us the opportunity to exercise the deepest flexibility of the body and mind at a slow and deliberate pace.With this exercise, we can create more flexibility in the joints, which in turn contributes to overall flexibility.In Yin yoga, the focus is on the feeling of the target area of each pose.While it usually focuses on body parts from the knees to the navel, the following sequence is specifically for your shoulders and upper back.The first two positions in this sequence are shoulder “tights,” where your shoulders go into a stretch that is typical of the stretch you experience in front bends.Before you begin, hold a few breaths in a seated meditation.Needle Threading starts in tabletop position with left arm straight to one side, passing left arm under right side of body, left palm facing up.Place your left cheek on the mat.Straighten your right hand forward.Keep your hips directly above your knees.Rest your lower shoulders on the mat.Consciously relax your shoulders and hold them here for about 3 minutes.Then return to tabletop and switch sides.With both sides complete, practice the cat/bull pose a few times.Sleeping owl prone, forehead on cushion.Slide your left arm under your right side with your left palm facing up.Extend your right arm forward, palm down.Relax your fingertips and feel the emptiness of your hands.Hold here for about 3 minutes.When you’re done, cross your fingers under your forehead, open your elbows, and relax your shoulder blades.Roll your forehead from side to side as you relax to your neck and face.Baby pose variant baby pose begins.Stretch your arms forward, palms facing up.Bend your elbows and bring your hands together toward the base of your skull.To give your shoulders more feeling, rest your elbows on the block while you rest your forehead on the mat.Keep it here for 3-5 minutes.Starfish on your stomach, slide your hands under your shoulders.Straighten your left arm to the left, align your arms, place your right hand under your right shoulder and press down through the fingertips of your right hand while slowly shifting your weight to roll to your left side.Place your left cheek on the mat.Place your feet on top of each other, or stagger them.Hold for 3 minutes.Then exit and switch sides to practice supine beam Angle + eagle arm supine.Bend your knees, keep the soles of your feet together, and use the outer thighs for support.Extend your right arm up along your right ear and bend your elbow while sliding your forearm behind your head, palms facing up.Slide your left arm under your lower back, palm down, and then move your hand up to your right hand.Interlock your hands if you can to ease the discomfort of opening the tiniest fibers of your shoulders.Hold for 3 minutes, then exit and switch sides.On your way out, place your hands below your back on the outside of your thighs.Keep your legs together.Bend your knees.Place your hands on your belly and take a constructive rest here. To complete the exercise, remain as you are or enter wall legroom or corpse pose.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to language rain love yoga

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