Take a day off on the fifth day of the lunar year

The fifth day of Chinese New Year is my legal holiday.It seems that every year, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year is my real holiday. I have gone to my parents’ house, but I have been to my parents’ house, and the fifth day is not suitable for visiting.Roommate is very fierce, have middle school classmate party, university classmate party, today attend unexpectedly is primary school classmate party, I am a capital of the dress!I don’t go to any parties. I just stay home all day.Eating dumplings and big fish and meat for several days, today boiled rice porridge to drink, with small pickles to eat the feeling is particularly fragrant and refreshing.Years ago finally bought a long beans, stay until today just stir fry, son sourly say: small ni home just willing to buy long beans?Well, it’s just different!I again spirit again funny, both jealous each other. The son sleep by day and night to play, I forbid him to eat instant noodles, action is too big to affect my sleep, sliced bread and yogurt when he asked me to buy food taken late at night, I go to buy, not only has also bought several bags of bread cake, xiao ni immediately check I get home, see son to bread yogurt say: oh oh!What a good Chinese mother!Thirty Spring Festival gala as usual did not see the end of the sleep, sketch crosstalk programs are not funny, remember a few years ago to see, laugh belly pain shed tears, now the program feeling is hard to scratch itch, and I did not long itch meat!Girl see comedy movie happy gaga, I have no interest, let her change the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to see for a while, skating competition looked at the special tension, for athletes hard, sit sit, must stand up to see, if possible probably for him to play the game.

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