Today’s case sharing: unmarried single woman, went to the United States to see her boyfriend, the first visa successfully passed

Hello everyone, I am Peach. Today I would like to share with you a typical American visa case.As we all know, the US visa actually stopped from last April to last November, and it was quite troublesome to go to the US during this period.The applicant in this case we introduce today was also planning to transfer to Singapore at that time. It happened that the US Consulate announced the resumption of the normal face-to-face visa service. However, due to the backlog of face-to-face visa demand for a period of time, the quota for face-to-face visa became very short.So the applicant came to us for help.The applicant is a female, single and unmarried young woman. She told us that she met her current boyfriend when she was studying in the UK. Because her boyfriend is a Chinese American, they were forced to separate their countries during the outbreak.The long separation made both sides eager to see each other. When she heard that the American consulate had opened, she came to find us immediately.We analyzed the applicant’s profile and found that the biggest problem was that the applicant was a young, unmarried, single woman who was visiting her boyfriend.This kind of situation in the visa officer eyes belongs to the typical immigration tendency group, to go to the United States is the most easy to American visa officer doubt the purpose of impurity, during and after the outbreak of the visa is very sad, and formulate corresponding solutions for this, prepare sufficient materials and in place of the applicant to sign face to face training.Finally, with our assistance, I applied for a second pass at the US Consulate in Shanghai.

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