Warm “idioms” | These words of the General Secretary warm the heart during the Spring Festival of 2022

The greatest happiness in the world is to strive for the happiness of the people.With the people in our hearts and the truth in our hands, we are full of confidence and strength.The fundamental purpose of our Party is to do good things for the people and work hard, contribute and serve them for their happy life.As big as a country is, it is also as important as a big country.A thousand things, in the final analysis, is the matter of thousands of families.I have researched some places, seen and listened to a lot of situations, very inspired and harvest.Whenever I visit people’s homes, I often ask them if there are any difficulties. I always keep in mind what my fellow villagers have said.I will read the concerns of the people;I will do what the people desire.I, too, came from the countryside and have a first-hand experience of poverty.Through generations of hard work, people who were once poor now have enough to eat, warm clothes, education, housing and health care.To achieve a moderately prosperous society in all respects and shake off poverty is our Party’s mission to the people and its contribution to the world.We should not be satisfied with our immediate achievements. There is still a long way to go.– Xi Jinping’s New Year’s Speech source/Editor of Women’s Voices of All-China Women’s Federation/signed by Tao Yinsheng/produced by Qiao Hong/Xi Shujun

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