Yumen: Unleash the potential power of scientific and technological innovation to stimulate the new vitality of industrial development

Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force leading the development of enterprises, and also an important support to achieve high-quality development of enterprises.Combining with the industrial layout, Yumendong Building materials chemical Industrial Park actively innovates the management system, focuses on constructing the scientific and technological innovation system, and makes every effort to promote the high-quality development of enterprises in the park.Fu Liyao, reporter of Yumen Rong Media Center, said, “I am now in Jiuquan Yupeng Chemical Technology Co., LTD.With the booming development of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and other new generation of information technology, also let the industrial development of unmanned workshop operation, intelligent casting production, effectively promote the high-quality development of the city’s industry.”Towering chimneys and noisy factories were once symbols of industrialization.Later, modern standard factories and workers busy on assembly lines are the image of modern industry.Nowadays, when automated intelligent equipment meets the Internet, the production, sales and service modes of industrial enterprises are breeding subversive changes.In jiuquan yu peng chemical technology co., LTD., the reporter saw, totally enclosed plant operators and managers are rejected, while the computer in the central control room and other network terminal control each device and the operation of the whole workshop, the work order schedule, resource consumption, etc., and even every parts production time, cost, quality control, and to realize remote real-time diagnosis equipment maintenance,Only two or three people on duty are needed in the workshop.Wu Yanjun, general manager of Jiuquan Yupeng Chemical Technology Co., LTD. : “At present, we use advanced automatic control equipment in China, which can only be on duty in the workshop without operators.”For gansu Shengnuo Medical Technology Co., LTD., which is about to declare high-tech enterprises, the transformation of ideas to promote enterprise transformation is imperative.High science and technology is full of power, but also can further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.Since it was put into operation in August last year, the company has adhered to the principle of scientific and technological innovation, continuously strengthened the investment in science and technology, and promoted the high-quality development of the company.Gansu Shengnuo Medical Technology Co., LTD., director of administrative office Lin Chao: “In order to achieve high-quality development of enterprises as soon as possible, from the beginning of this year, our enterprise increased investment efforts, from the upgrading of equipment and product research and development to do a lot of work, so far, our enterprise has applied for eight patents.”Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force and lifeline of enterprise development.Since 2021, Yimendong Building Materials chemical Industrial Park has cultivated 6 enterprises on the regulation, such as Yinghua Environmental Protection, Century Dekun, Huiji Dadi, Sinuo Pharmaceutical, Huinong Feng Biology, and the total number of enterprises on the regulation has reached 22. The total industrial output value has reached 5.5 billion yuan, the industrial added value has reached 1.6 billion yuan, and the fixed asset investment has reached 1.07 billion yuan.The investment attraction fund reached 1.705 billion yuan, 47 million yuan and 180 million yuan of taxes were paid.Looking to the future, the implementation of scientific and technological innovation in Yumen city to help the high-quality development of the industry will be promising.

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