4 big things for Small and Micro businesses

Bruce lee, the king of kungfu, is known as the incarnation of kungfu, kungfu is also synonymous with Bruce lee.Once he said in an interview program in the United States: he is not afraid of people who can do ten thousand kinds of kung fu, but he is afraid of a master who has practiced one kind of technology ten thousand times. This is really frightening. This little story is: things to the extreme is the best interpretation of the way.Like many of our small enterprises: small scale, less capital, small volume of information age, it is necessary to know how to focus.Time is limited, energy is limited, resources are limited, capital is limited, we should make the highlights and functions of the product to be infinitely large, to do the ultimate, is the secret of market success.The function of the product is the most core part, but also the soul of the product. A product without characteristic functions is untenable in the market.The product either looks trendy, or the function is awesome, or the product is one in ten thousand, otherwise it can only carry on the price war with others, which is not the strength of small enterprises, but also a stone to hit their own cycle.So although the enterprise is small, but as long as the function has a unique point, it needs to be in the process of publicity, in the process of tweeting, to be able to these function points, infinite amplification, commonly known as: a needle poking through the sky, this is the most appropriate small and micro enterprises pragmatic practice, no one.I have been paying attention to Macheng rice Wine for several months, but I have not found the exciting link. When I discovered the special function of red yeast rice wine, it can treat high blood lipid.I suddenly fell, this is the strength I was looking for, this is based on this, is it lit up my expectations of rice wine.Three, customers to accurate accurate customers, how to specify it?Age accurate to within 10 years of age, income level down to the level of income, consumption habits between how many W consumption accurate to the top five main products, living habits, the most can represent the three matters, etc. It is the accurate portrait of customers, the more accurate, means that the quantity is less, the docking can better our limited manpower and material resources.Only in this way can we better serve the function points of the product and the people who need these functions. If customers are not accurate, the market will be unstable.Li Ka-shing said, there is no secret to doing business: a single profitable business, if possible, 50-50 points, but he only need three points, others take seven points, so that many projects continue to promote, become a king without a throne.Penny is the best embodiment of an entrepreneur pattern, the need to understand several aspects of the penny.4.1 It is better to divide the money in the incremental market, which has nothing to do with the enterprise before and is acceptable to everyone.4.2 To have a goal-oriented, must be a step of action, the greater the performance, the more share.4.3 We should make good use of options to bind outstanding people and things, commonly known as golden handcuffs. Attention should be paid to the comprehensive use of voting rights, bonus rights, mature option system, post share cooperation, resource share betting and so on, which is the core.What a gentleman does, what not to do, the universe is uncertain, you and I are dark horse!This article song Qian original, “Today’s toutiao” flow of ten million authors, every day an original point of view TO share, 20 years of actual combat experience TO B, the former fujian listed company key account director, the highest annual sales record of 140 million yuan.If you have any ideas about health drinks, we can have in-depth exchanges.

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