CBA overview: Liaoning finished with a 20-point victory, Zhejiang edged Qingdao, Beijing Shougang was double-killed by Shenzhen

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league has reached its final round of the second phase, with all four matches on the first day completed.In the four games, Liaoning trounced Tongxi 129-109, Zhejiang beat Qingdao 93-88, Guangzhou beat Ningbo 125-105 and Beijing Shougang lost to Shenzhen 97-104 in a double game.Liaoning the strength gap between the two teams is very obvious, liaoning team is the league first, while With xi is the last one.Although Liaoning team lacked Han Dejun and Guo Ailun two main forces, in strength is also crushed with xi team.Liaoning built a double-digit lead in the first quarter and built it to more than 30 points.At the end of the game, Yang Ming sent a full Squad of young players to practice, and Tongxi took the opportunity to recover some points, but it is still 20 points inferior to the opponent.At the end of the game, the two teams have all finished the second phase of the game, Liaoning team with 25-3 record to continue to lead the championship, while Tongxi team is suffering 25 consecutive losses, creating the CBA history of the longest single-season losing record!Qingdao, zhejiang Province, has been on a shaky streak, losing four games in a row and winning just one of its last 10 games.This game Qingdao team players very hard, in the opening to win the lead.But then zhejiang team into the state will be the score, and gradually expand the advantage to nearly 20 points.Although Qingdao narrowed the deficit to just three points with four 3-pointers in the last minute of the last quarter, Zhejiang held its own and finally won.After losing again, Qingdao team and playoff distance is also more and more far, want to attack into the playoffs is too much difficulty.Although the strength between the two teams has an obvious gap, but the Ningbo team this game is very tenacious, the game is also very intense, both sides of the foul are more, a total of four players made six leave.Guangzhou took a double-digit lead in the first quarter thanks to some excellent defense and gradually built a 20-point lead.Although the Ningbo team players have been trying to catch up, but in terms of strength and opponents do have a gap, and finally suffered a defeat.At the end of the game, Guangzhou team with a wave of three consecutive wins to end the second phase of the game, in the standings continue to secure the last eight, while Ningbo team suffered a wave of 10 consecutive losses.Shenzhen 104-97 Beijing Shougang this game is the focus of the round of battle, the overall strength of the two teams, the game is also very close.Shenzhen team this game took turns to rest big foreign aid Salinger, only booker a foreign aid.Shenzhen held a slight lead in the first half after taking an early lead. Beijing Shougang scored 11 points in the second half to take the lead, but shenzhen quickly regained its advantage.The game entered the last quarter, the two sides played very close, in the last minute of the game, Shenzhen led Beijing Shougang by 3 points, Booker broke through to tie the score of 2+1, Zhai Xiaochuan and Fan Ziming missed consecutive 3-pointers, Shenzhen beat the opponent by 7 points, this season double kill Beijing Shougang.Booker, who scored 35 points, grabbed 9 rebounds and 13 assists, outpaced Beijing’s Jeremy Lin and Kwame Brown.The use of yanis in this game is also controversial, brown is in such good form, playing time has been limited more serious, many fans said Yanis will not use the scoring ability of the foreign aid.

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