“Change the style, do practical things and improve the environment” Baohe Economic Development Zone Management Committee to do the park enterprise benefactor enterprise praise “we feel very practical here”

“Very happy, very satisfied, feel hefei intelligent bus project implementation plan has taken a big step forward.”Recently, Datang Gaohong – Anhui Gaohong Technology Co., LTD., general manager Chen Yuqiang told reporters so, the joy of emotion.Gaohong Technology, a connected vehicle company based in Zhongguancun Collaborative Innovation Zhihui Park in Hefei, has been trying to promote smart connected buses in the city since December.Chen Yuqiang said that there are now new energy electric bus vehicles start speed, parking brake and other problems, if the driver stepped on the emergency brake, easy to lead to passengers injured, especially bus passengers in the elderly.”With the installation of intelligent connectivity devices, not only can auxiliary driving and driverless driving be realized, as long as there is a safety officer on the car, but also can automatically calculate how long it takes to reach the next traffic light, so that the bus can run within a reasonable speed range.”I have an idea, but it’s not easy to put it into practice.Gaohong Technology is just an innovative Internet of vehicles company, and the target customer is Hefei Public Transport Group, and the two companies have to be mediated by the relevant government departments.Chen yuqiang told reporters that he communicated this idea with the management committee of Baohe Economic and Development Zone where he was in charge, and received their strong support. The head of the management Committee coordinated the municipal direct departments to hold special joint meetings for many times, and held meetings with bus groups and enterprises.”Especially after the New Year, the management committee has been helping us to coordinate this project. After many times of communication, the project of ‘Baohe Intelligent Connected vehicles Demonstration application public transport Experience Line’ will be finalized. I just finished the meeting these days, and I feel a lot more comfortable.”In October 2020, Gohong Technology settled down in Zhongguancun, Hefei, more than a year has passed, Chen Yuqiang also has a direct feeling of the local government pragmatic style of work.On the fourth day of the New Year, government departments began to work. On February 14, the leadership of the management Committee led a team to visit a number of enterprises related to the Internet of vehicles in Zhongguancun, and held a symposium, listening to the development situation and existing difficulties of enterprises.”Government departments are very efficient, and the spirit of the provincial meeting is quickly implemented.”Chen Yuqiang gave the reporter an example, the company just settled in Hefei, the need to build a test site.Before coming to Hefei, he had visited many parks in other provinces, but none of them were satisfactory.After arriving in Hefei, from the Management Committee to zhongguancun Park, it provided a lot of convenience for the construction of the test site in terms of site selection, water and electricity and other infrastructure guarantee. It only took Chen Yuqiang two or three months to complete the test site, which moved Chen Yuqiang very much.The reporter also learned from the Bureau of Economics and Information of Baohe District that since last year, government departments of Baohe District have done a series of tangible things for enterprises in the park.The party Committee of the industrial chain of new energy vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles has been established, which not only participated in various large-scale production-demand matchmaking meetings with the company, but also undertook the synergetic development matchmaking meetings of the industrial chain of new energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles to discuss the development of intelligent networked automobile industry in Baohe.Since this year, in view of the shortage of high-level talents reflected by enterprises in the park, the district will further coordinate the implementation of talent policy, increase the support for key industries such as intelligent connected vehicles and the new generation of information technology.”The industrial chain of the park is sound. The local government and Zhongguancun provide a good platform to support and pay attention to enterprises in every detail. We feel very down-to-earth here.”Ge Qing, head of the company, said.(Reporter Su Yi)

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