“Community Living Station” upgraded by Courier Station

Yellow River News (reporter Qian Long) a Courier station in the community can not only send and receive express delivery, but also buy fresh vegetables and fruits, clothes washing, recycling renewable resources and other convenient services.On January 26, the reporter learned from Shanxi Zhongtong that wenxingyuan express Courier station, located in the former Beitun of Wanbolin District, was officially upgraded into a “community living station”, extending from single delivery to comprehensive community services.In the future, Each express terminal of Shanxi Zhongtong in Taiyuan will also combine its own characteristics and gradually create a “convenient service circle” at home.At present, Shanxi Zhongtong Express has 11,000 employees in the province, more than 800 service outlets, more than 3,000 terminal construction, and 4 transfer centers.Wenxingyuan Express Station, which took the lead in completing the upgrade, belongs to an express terminal. When you push the door, you can see a variety of New Year goods and fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as potted flowers, frozen aquatic products and imported food.The convenience service center is divided into vegetable area, fruit area, express area, laundry area and other functional areas, equipped with 5 staff, can provide all-round services for the surrounding community residents.With the Spring Festival just around the corner, many residents who pick up express goods purchased by “one-stop shop” have done many things in one trip.In recent years, express terminal infrastructure construction, such as Courier stations and smart express boxes, has played an increasingly important role in serving national economic and social development and improving people’s livelihood.In 2021, jiaxing “home delivery convenient service” this concept, the community express ark, service station, not only to have to send a parcel post basic intelligence, but also deliver the fresh, laundry, renewable resources recovery, and so on is closely related to the people living in the include function, thus promote the coordinated development of peripheral industries.This means that in the future, the express comprehensive service places in the community will gradually expand their functions.For residents, it is not only more convenient to receive and send express services, but also to deliver fresh food, wash clothes and recycle renewable resources at home.

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