Investment and work we should also learn the spirit of women’s football!Don’t get me wrong

Investment and work we should also learn the spirit of women’s football!Don’t get me wrong!The author:Prior knowledge planet up junjie yesterday evening, the women’s two goals behind the case, the final 3 to 2 reversal in South Korea, won the Asian cup champion, it is in the circle of friends comprehensive refresh, everyone sincerely happy for women’s, on the first men to write down the stigma, finally make back in the annual which was the women’s face, opening high evaluation of the Spring Festival is also low,The Spring Festival Gala and the men’s football team really disgusted us, but the Opening ceremony of the East Olympic Games and the women’s football team let us see the hope, feel warm.So everybody for women’s worship, is that of never yielding strength is back, in the face of South Korea’s two goals behind, there are 20 minutes, this and who said all is the despair, and ShuiQingXia water guide, at this time, dare to madrigal, removed the king cream the first star, also young people up to confront, have to say this is a great drive.In addition, when Lao Qi watched the competition, he paid special attention to the water coach’s manner and movements, which were very similar to Lang Pinglang’s.The spirit passed on by the coach must be a great inspiration to the players.Before, Wang Shuang had a particularly good interview, I hope when kua women’s football team, not to scold men’s football team, but hope that the national fans really can pay more attention to women’s football team, watch more women’s football matches.The economic foundation determines the superstructure, the women’s football team has achieved excellent results and rapid revival, one is the result of their own hard work spirit, the other is the coach’s ability to know and employ people, you can hardly imagine the same team, six months ago in the Olympic Games suffered a crushing defeat, 8-2 to the Netherlands.At that time jia Xiuquan jia guidance, since the abolition of martial arts.So this is called the exhaustion of one general.Of course, there is also a very important point, that is the opposition, women’s football in various countries, the degree of professionalism is far less than that of men’s football, so the level gap, volume is not so fierce.So we can come from behind and recover with our spirit alone.Mental strength is very important, but we should not ignore the economic law, we rely on mental strength to win the Asian Cup, but it is difficult for us to rely on mental strength to win the World Cup and Olympic Games, strength is the most important factor to determine the game, for example, does China table tennis need mental strength?In the national Games need, but in the Olympic Games now has no need, even Liu Guoliang incentive Zhang Jike of time, just say a word, wake up, the Olympic Games began.This is power crushing.We usually call them the dream team.China has a table tennis dream team, diving dream team, gymnastics dream team, the United States also has a basketball dream team, the most typical is the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, by Jordan, Johnson, Bird these people composed of the United States dream team all the time, the coach did not call a timeout, the minimum win more than 30 points in each match.So in the face of such a disparity in strength, in fact, mental strength is not effective, pick a few condemned to fight Tyson boxing, the result is also KO out.So specifically for the revival of the women’s happy, but you still pay more attention to women’s football, don’t say women’s poor treatment station in the moral high ground, low income, you pay more attention to, much to the game, they would have high natural income, all know that the king creams and vian played well, his two in which team effectiveness, 99% of people don’t know they were in the wuhan team and dalian team to play football.So they don’t watch women’s soccer, they don’t follow women’s soccer news, and of course they don’t make money.And all of you go to men’s soccer and go after streaming stars, and these guys, no matter how bad they are, make a lot of money.This is the law of the market.If I really care about women’s football, I should start from myself. I should go to the scene twice a year and watch the live broadcast several times. Then the sports channel will broadcast it, the club will have profits, and the income of women’s football girls will naturally increase.When the professional league flourishes and the football population increases, we can move up.Before we have to tell everyone about the art of war, in fact, that is the reason why first and then war, some people say that sun tzu didn’t play the man a lifetime any extra war, and why his art is so widely, in fact this is the misunderstanding in star, always feel 36 plan is amazing, the art of war is very mediocre, but it was wrong, the art of war is a classical,36 plan, there is HuiBianBen, have fight are power roller compaction, the enemy without fighting, so there are very few earth-shattering, but is more than those with less wins, fight against longer odds is known as the classic examples, easy to remember, but these are actually accidental factors, you let han xin fight 10 times, he may win the time,So the power of the mind, this thing, should not be overused.A general will have 1 or 2 times of risk, it is not possible to fight this time, every time rely on the mental strength of the weak to defeat the strong, that will die quickly.So finally, back to the investment and our work, it is necessary to learn the fighting spirit of women’s football and never give up, but do not think that only the spirit is enough, but also respect the rules and improve their own strength.We have been teaching everyone, to keep surprising, first hold their own basic plate, let yourself in an invincible position.Don’t always think, to speculation, to gambling, to challenge the human nature, when the time comes you will be defeated.Strength is the key, with strength, you have the foundation of mental strength.So we learn women’s football, from the training of middle school, put the time at ordinary times, read more, less look at the plate to improve their own level again.If you think you can win every time through sheer willpower, that’s narrow-minded.

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