Linabelle’s explosion, you can’t duplicate it

Disney’s little fox “Linabelle” hit the red circle, attracting countless attention and numerous reports, but also let many people think that this is a shortcut to create a hit IP: 1.It’s been a hit for two months, just what we want!2. It’s great to be successful so quickly without having to do content!Isn’t it just to be a cute little animal, we can also!4. Even Disney is on the right track!But what seems the simplest success is the most difficult to achieve.So, linabelle’s explosion, you might learn, but you can’t copy.Because one minute on the stage, ten years of work off the stage, this behind the accumulation of precipitation, is two months on the basis of red.Let me talk about it in detail. How did Linabelle’s success go through the precipitation and accumulation?What are the reasons behind it?What are the key factors that lead to popularity?In fact, there are four stages in the development of Linabelle’s popularity: 1. The Duffy family period.2. Stardew period.1. 3. Smart trashes4. Go out hot.So she didn’t just appear out of nowhere, there was plenty of background for the Duffy family who had been at Disney In China for 5 years, and the Duffy family was born even earlier…The origin of the Duffy family is in the Mickey series of small cartoons, Minnie gave Mickey two bear dolls: Duffy and Shirley Mae.Later, Duffy is awakened by magic, in the journey know new associate jeradoni in succession, star dew…Formed its own IP family.In other words, Disney has already opened up a separate IP track without the support of animation content and no work debut.The Duffy family takes on a Similar role to Hello Kitty in Disney’s IP universe.The first member of the Duffy family, originally named “Disney Bear”, did not attract attention or success until he changed his name to “Duffy”, appearing as an independent cartoon character and first gaining popularity at Tokyo Disney.Obviously, the hairy appearance of Duffy family, small pure and fresh match color, more accord with the meng that East Asian consumer likes is aesthetic.Until now, the Duffy family has been far less popular in Europe and America than in East Asia.Long before Linabelle, there had been the success of Stardew Rabbit.She has been a popular female star at The Park since her debut in 2018, featuring a dreamy purple color, a cute rabbit image and a dancer’s action figure.Star Dalu is very popular in the derivatives market. According to the data disclosed on the fifth anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Disneyland, the superposition of star Dalu theme products sold since 2018 is equivalent to 119 Mount Qomolangma.Then, on September 29, 2021, Linabelle made her debut, completing the change of popularity of the Duffy family.And gna belle, is a multi-pronged, spontaneous, guide, ones, for movements spread media magnified – it, the result of the initiative enthusiasm of consumers + pr campaign was the first wave, a large number of small red, KOL recommendation is the second wave, an article in the attention from the media, and authoritative media coverage is the third wave,Under the favorable conditions of time, geographical location and people, the three waves of advancement were rapidly faddised and transmutated in two months.Looking at the development process of Linabelle from a higher dimension, it is obvious that the precipitation of the first half is extremely important — the continuous debut of the Duffy family’s “lovely character without content” IP has laid a faithful and stable market foundation and formed a potential energy of constant iteration.Without the accumulation of this potential energy, there would be no natural popularity of Linabelle.Next, let’s explore the secret of Linabelle’s IP energy.The internal energy that each IP relies on for success is divided into two types, namely, emotional energy and cultural energy.Emotion can be the emotional consensus of human nature, and culture can be the cultural consensus of society (see Figure 1).Let’s take a look at Linabelle’s emotional energy.With no story, her emotional power rests purely on cuteness, simplicity and emotional interaction.Using cute visual images stimulates dopamine in the brain to release pleasure.Linabelle, of course, has a backstory (just a few sentences) : She’s an adventurous, curious little fox That Duffy encounters in the woods.Therefore, different from the elegant design of stardew ballerinas, Linabelle is more lively and can express a variety of straightforward emotions such as anger, sadness and surprise in the interaction with tourists. These characteristics make It easier for Linabelle to have emotional connection with the audience and more recognizable behavior.Cute image, simple design and emotional interaction are all deceptively simple but difficult to achieve.We have a statistic that in all new image IP launched in the East (not just In China), cuteness always accounts for more than 90% of the proportion, and animals account for more than 80% of the proportion.The cute animal IP that is considered easiest to make has always been the one that most people make and the one that is most likely to converge, so its success is much more difficult than developing the much less popular fire, Loss, and cool ones.I used to describe it this way: every popular cute IP, are rushed out of the sea of blood!Ling Na Bei er is of course very cute, very lovely, but in the MOE department of the world, if she does not have a special birth background and cultural core, just appeared in yiwu commodity market and the vast network, I am afraid it is difficult to jump out.And her special background and cultural core is her cultural ability.Linabelle is not only cute, but she wins by virtue of her unique culture.Linabelle is Disney’s first pure Chinese heritage image IP, she was designed by Chinese designers based on the image of the fox as the prototype, and launched in Shanghai Disney World, other areas will not be available until this year, fully captured the local cultural needs and pride of Chinese tourists.In addition, the identity of “fox” naturally has a strong traditional gene of Chinese cultural stories, and it is easy to be understood and associated by Chinese people.What’s more, Ling Na Belle will speak Shanghai dialect, often speak Shanghai dialect, from the person set, it is easy to be considered as a native of the “Shanghai girl”, all these add up, let her in the public communication has a more local Chinese name – Chuansha Daji.Chuansatanji appeared, immediately became a social currency, instantly spread quickly, and formed a powerful social assist.Rivers sand da ji role, of course, not just to spread, and, more importantly, through rivers sand the name da ji, gna belle quickly completed the transformation: from a western identity, become China’s cultural identity, Shanghai identity, as well as the unique essence of fox legend attributes, even if there is no story, people can imagine her story spontaneously.An IP with a strong culture is different.Why do many Internet celebrities’ images not last?Not enough to be IP?Because it can only emotion, culture can not.Emotion can be bottom-up, and culture can be top-down. Both of them work together to realize the dual empowerment of IP.This is why IP emerging in regions with strong culture is more likely to be popular nationwide or globally, because there is a strong cultural energy, it is easier to rush from high to low, forming potential energy.Linabelle, also known as Chuansha Daji, has two cultural potentials at the same time: one is the international cultural potential of the new star of the Duffy family in the Disney IP universe; the other is the local cultural potential of the Chinese traditional cultural consensus + the local intimacy of Shanghai.It can even be said that her popularity this time, culture can account for more than 80% of the energy, not just a cute cute image so simple, of course, this is also the basis.In a number of articles analyzing Linabelle, the adorable economy has been mentioned by coincidence.Yes, from Bubba Mart to Wuling Auto’s Mini new energy car, cuteness can indeed bring great value.In fact, any IP that generates a passionate emotional response from people, whether it’s fire, cool, power, or loss, is equally valuable, and its IP characters can be lovable.Marvel, DC, and One Piece, for example, should all be superhero or cool, but they are more popular if they don’t interfere with their lovable humanity.Domestic rising red heroism, from “s awakening” to “long jin lake”, is also a hero has its own gentleness, such as lu xun can be cynical, there are also holding a lovely side, “I quit” sign known affectionately known as “a”, the “a”, is a natural change in the “hero” cute.Therefore, there is no need to deliberately cute, because everything can be cute.On the contrary, if deliberately seeking sprout, because in the sprout department, has been thousands of troops and horses across a single plank bridge, you do not necessarily have such a strong strength and foundation of Disney, may not be able to rush out of the “sprout of blood”.The cuteness economy is just the surface, but the real bottom is the economy of multiple emotions, where people crave a variety of emotions, not just one.On the other hand, The success of Linabelle is actually unreplicable, because of the deep accumulation of Disney, the long-term IP development from Duffy to Xingdalu and then to Linabelle, the cultural integration brought by the rise of Chinese culture, and the explosive environment of the right time, place and people, etc.But we still need to learn, because as long as we find the most suitable way of emotional communication and cultural expression, and have patience, accumulation and precipitation, there will always be their own right time, right place, people and usher in the moment of explosion.Sales and marketing network, (the author: article | gray) Chen editor: the wind responsibility proofreading: Xu Haochen A second trial: zhang is Hui disclaimer: this part of the article from the third party platform, does not represent our views, if you have deleted infringement, please contact us!

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