Drive carefully!A woman in Ningbo was killed when she mistook the brake for the accelerator.

With the development of The Times, every ningbo family has at least one car.However, with the increase of cars, there are also many problems: road congestion, exhaust emissions, traffic accidents and so on.Although, the car will have a lot of problems.However, driving is not a small matter, it needs to be careful, seriously, careless not.Especially for some novice female drivers, is particularly important.A new female driver in Fenghua, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, was trying to stop at a vacant lot when she accidentally misted the accelerator for the brake, smashed through a railing and fell into a river, killing a pregnant woman she was riding with.However, the warm-hearted villagers who braved the cold and jumped into the water to save others became a bright spot in the tragedy.On New Year’s Eve, a black car plunged into the water in Ningbo Jinxi Village, Fenghua city, Zhejiang Province.As there were people trapped on the bus, more than a dozen warm-hearted villagers jumped into the cold water and broke Windows to save people.Moreover, to prevent the vehicle from sinking into deep water, villagers on shore used ropes to hold on to the vehicle.Because, there are three trapped people in the car, the Windows are still closed.The villagers who jumped into the water had no choice but to smash the Windows of the car with stones, but they tried several times without success.Finally, he broke the window with a hammer and pulled out the people one by one with his bare hands.According to the villagers: a man and a woman in the car was rescued first, the man choked a lot of water, consciousness is still awake.The last girl to be pulled out was in her 20s, her face purple, her eyes closed and unconscious.In addition, a man and a woman in the car is a couple, the girl graduated from college last year, has been pregnant.Unfortunately, the pregnant girl could not be rescued.For this matter, some ningbo people have a saying: Lynch: First give praise to the warm-hearted villagers, great love is boundless.Second, the woman will not drive in the future.Qian Bo: Harm, harm, one careless, one dead two lives.Sun Li: happy thing becomes bereavement thing.The expectant mother’s parents will be heartbroken.Qinyu: female driver now how to explain to the dead parents?What do you think about this?Welcome to comment!

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