In an environment of long service, young officers who graduate and want to leave early take a personal toll.There are three reasons for

After the implementation of the new policy, the number of people who want to leave after graduation is increasing.In an environment that calls for long service, the idea that you want to leave right after graduation is actually very detrimental to the individual.There are several reasons: 1. The minimum service threshold is high. After the landing of the New Policy, the new service policy is brought.However, after the new policy, the number of retirement places has been greatly reduced, and it is difficult to apply for retirement if you want to meet the minimum requirements.Because retired work generally adopts the way of seniority, the old comrades are let go first, and the younger ones are left behind.Now people’s awareness of protecting their rights is also very strong. If a young person jumps the queue and walks away, it is estimated that the number of reports will be flooded.In this case, almost no one dares to cut in line.In addition, now long-term service is encouraged, and the development of units also needs young people, so it is basically impossible for young people to leave if they meet the conditions.Therefore, it is difficult to meet the minimum service threshold and walk normally.2, demoted demobilization, is not simple many people think, normal walk is not easy, then choose demoted demobilization can always?In fact, in the past two cases of demobilization, demotion demobilization is not easy.First of all, demotion and demobilization should also occupy the number of retired.The retirement quota itself is much less, the old timers are not enough points, but also have to take out for young people, not easy.So, a lot of units have been punished, and people have not left.Secondly, the number of demoted demobilization should also be controlled.If a unit to apply for demotion demotion demobilization of many people, the superior will certainly think that the management work can not do.In view of this, each unit will definitely strictly control the number of demoted demobilization, as far as possible.That is to say, want to demote the demobilization, also is not oneself want to go can go, also have to see the opinion of the unit.3, go may not be able to have a bright future strictly control demobilization, demobilization is also a reason.For example, people who are demobilized can return to society before the age of 28, but their age advantage decreases after the age of 25.Moreover, punishment demobilization cannot test public.Military education, military specialty, it is not easy to find a corresponding job in the society.If you want to have better development, there may be only one way to take one’s postgraduate entrance examination.If you are older than 25, you may be a few years older than your classmates.Graduate students may not be able to find good jobs after graduation.Some people may say, meet the 6+3 normal demobilization go, the exam is gong.Let alone meet 6+3 is not to be able to demobilize to go, even if it is to be able to demobilize to go, the exam is not so easy.Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many failed exams every year.Of course, besides take an examination of graduate student, take an examination of officeholder besides, still can obtain employment start a business.However, we all know what the current social employment and entrepreneurship situation is. If you have connections, contacts and resources, it may be better. If you have no connections, contacts and resources, you should think twice before you act.In fact, there is no advantage for young demobilized cadres to go out into society and punish them.That is why, some would say, it is better to stay out than risk demobilization.Because the risk of demobilization is just too high.To tell you the truth, when you are a cadre, you can find a target with an organization. When you are nothing at all, if your family economy is no longer behind, you may not even find a target.So, young man, it’s the right thing to do.

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