The death toll from a powerful tropical cyclone in Madagascar has risen to 89

Antananarivo February 9, Xinhua News Agency (Reporter Ling Xin)The death toll from tropical cyclone Bazire in Madagascar has risen to 89, the interior Ministry said Thursday.A man rides his bike through a flooded road in Antananarivo, Madagascar, Feb. 6, 2008.The death toll from typhoon Bazire in The eastern coastal city of Ikungu was 71, according to the latest data released by the Risk and Disaster Management Office of Madagascar’s Interior Ministry on Thursday.The office told Xinhua that the large number of casualties in Ikungu city were mainly caused by the collapse of houses and flooding caused by the cyclone.The death toll is likely to rise as counting continues.According to reports, “Bazire” from the east to the west on May 5 to 6 “transit” Madagascar, along the path of strong winds, torrential rain, a number of coastal cities in the eastern part of the country caused a large number of houses and roads damage, some towns and the outside land transport interruption.Madagascar, located in the Western Indian Ocean, is a tropical storm prone area. Every December to March is the country’s hurricane season.Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi were recently hit by Tropical Cyclone Ana, which killed at least 70 people.

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