Ant Manor: Is luge the sport that has been dubbed the lie down winner at the Winter Olympics?

Which of the Olympic Games in Ant Manor has been dubbed the lie down winner?A, sleigh B, sleighWhich ant manor is the answer to the winter Olympics’ joke about lying down to win?Which winter Olympics sport is nicknamed “lying down to win”?This is the title of Ant Manor, and there are two choices, respectively: luge and bobsled.If you got the right answer, let’s see.Ant Manor Title: The sport nicknamed lying win Which winter Olympics sport is nicknamed lying win?The rules of bobsleigh competition allow athletes to gain weight by using counterweights, but if they exceed the limits specified, they will be disqualified from the competition.The blade and steel body of the sled need to be polished before and after use to adjust the appropriate Angle according to the temperature, ice temperature and the skill level of the athletes.Athletes’ uniforms are made of stretchable materials, and gloves are made of soft, delicate materials with sharp nails. They are also equipped with special equipment such as shoes and helmets.Protective equipment for bobsledders includes race clothing, shoulder and elbow pads, helmets and special spiked boots.Medical stations will be set up in snowmobiles and bobsleds where the speed exceeds 100 kilometers per hour.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, for example, 10 gold MEDALS will be contested at the National Bobsled Center in Xiaohaitao Mountain, one of the fastest events at the Games.The events are similar, with athletes descending a mountain, driven by gravity, over a 1,975 meter long course with a vertical drop of 121 meters.When it comes to a racing sport with an speed of over 100 kilometers per hour, the safety and medical security of athletes are unavoidable topics.Because of the fast speed of snowmobiles and sleds, athletes are prone to body collisions once they make small mistakes.In consideration of the characteristics of the track, the medical station in the course is set up at two low points of the track.Zhang Shihu, medical manager of the National Bobsled Center, said athletes can slide to the lowest point after injury.The medical team will direct the track medical staff to the scene of injuries through the monitoring system.Bobsledding athletes can use the brakes to stop progress, or flip the sled.It can be seen from the monitoring that mature athletes glide smoothly. If there is an emergency, they will use their core power to control the vehicle and slow down the speed with very subtle movements. At present, the maximum number of sledding is 21 times in a day.Those who qualify for the Olympics are mostly experienced athletes who have to meet several conditions, including five races in three different courses within two years and 40 skates on Olympic courses. Only after meeting all the conditions can they compete in the Winter Olympics.In fact, bobsleigh is safer than alpine skiing.For example, if the centrifugal force is large on the bobsled track, the wall of the track can “take” the bobsled in the bend, while the alpine skiers are more likely to “fly” out in the bend and can only rely on their own speed control, so it is more dangerous.Ant Manor: The sport nicknamed lying winning Which sport is nicknamed lying winning at the Winter Olympics?Answer: Sleigh.That’s ant Manor. Which winter Olympics sport is nicknamed “lying down to win”?Hope you will like it.

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