Business farming text “elder brother is the Jade Rabbit” has the name of the father, was uncle milk abandoned, is a false male ding

With a tolerant heart to live, the crowded world will become infinitely broad, and the ordinary life will become full of sunshine.Hello, everyone! I’m here to save you from the book shortage.As long as click collect, you can get rid of the book shortage of life, your love is my biggest power!Today to bring you the wonderful content is: business farming article “elder brother is the Jade Rabbit” has the name of the father, uncle milk is disliked, is a false male.Abstract: Chang e sits down the jade rabbit unexpectedly is a man body, the emperor heart pet’s little daughter unexpectedly became a rabbit’s sister, it is the full moon, element Nyum holding a big white rabbit to sleep on the bed, but did not expect the next morning the small white rabbit turned into a Wolf.Wonderful clip: heard the element nyum sobbing, Liu Wenshu heart suddenly some worried, but I don’t know how to coax element nyum.There are two blood holes through the shoulder of pipeggio before, but just now Liu Wenshu has cast the method to repair the clothes completely, but the wound is still in, every move, or will be very painful.”Was that ugly creature who took your eye out?”Element suddenly embraced Liu Wenshu waist, flapping in his arms to cry, voice is SOB, but still clear can be heard.”Be.”Liu Wenshu answered, he understood, this time is no longer their softhearted can solve the problem of the time.Flower Zhongxuan to consider affection, but he can not laissez-faire the safety of the country.Just when he was taken away by the lack of flowers, he has seen the lack of flowers in the chamber of secrets with mountains and rivers, it is not only a map of nine countries, Liu Wenshu in the barracks when he saw.Flower month lack of ambition, Liu Wenshu saw.The whole chamber smelled of herbs and blood.Several caged people seemed to have been captured by The flower moon lack as medicine men. Some were covered with white hair, some had red eyes and were mad at anyone, and some were completely rotten but could not die, moaning in pain.”See?Rest assured, you will not be my medicine man, you are my medicine, I become immortal, rule the whole nine countries and even a unified six states of god medicine.”He smiled, Liu Wenshu was about to resist, I do not know where to suddenly fly over two nails, will he firmly nailed to the wall.Abstract: She was the only god in the fantasy world, but her most powerful existence was failed by people.Open an eye again, she became a cloud home even the spirit root does not have the waste firewood dear female!Being summoned by her life, then her revenge, she avenged!The people she hated, she came to kill!Let her hate the despair of this home, she to trample!Nature is the power of a hundred years?She’s at the mercy of the storm.Are high order spirits rare?She’s got all the magic in her hand.Everyone is in doubt how cloud tilt wan is from a waste firewood to become the first master of the day battle list, see her charm a smile: “this person has, never what spirit force.”Just her eyes only looking for the truth and revenge when, this day twice bump into her smile murder demon is who?”In order to save the girl was injured, at the feeling at the reason girl should also be with the body xu is!””Girl just to save in the next hurt, Thanksgiving heart beyond words, only in the body xu to report!”Cloud inclined wan: “with the inside and outside are I suffer losses??”The world thinks that the eyes of the demon world supreme are empty, but I do not know there has been standing a look down on sentient beings haughty four circles of the goddess.Outside the temple of the top of the sky, the royal day Rin a fire of red hua fu mei flutted, eyes filled with deep feeling.Maid: “God honour, devil emperor adult he again touch porcelain!”Wonderful clip: Say, Qin Junyu pulled up the cloud inclined wan will leave, who knows Qin Jiayan is not going to let him go, raised his hand will give him a slap!The palm wind sharp, speed is very fast, Qin Junyu seems to be expected that she will hand in general did not intend to dodge!”Ah!You!”Looking at the slap fell on the cheek of Qin Junyu, the imagined pain did not come, but heard qin Jiayin a scream!Qin Jiayan withdrew his hand, this only to find himself unexpectedly hit the ice needle, several ice needle directly pierced her palm!One side of the cloud inclined wan mouth with a smile, looking at Qin Jiayan’s bloody hand cold voice: “Miss Qin, what happened to your hand?How could a girl be so careless?Come on, I’ll wrap it up for you!””Don’t you come!Hearing the words, Qin Jiayan pulled the pain of the right hand scared quickly back two steps, two ladies around her rushed forward to help her.”Look at you, why are you so ungrateful?I am also concerned about Miss Qin, but miss you unexpectedly reject people at thousands of miles away.Hand pain?The pain is right, beating people, of course, is to hurt.”Cloud inclined wan eyebrow eye smiling ground to see Qin Jiayin, see her face by unhappy change into blue and purple, in the mind carefree extremely!Qin Junyu this is clear cloud tilt wan for their own blocked a slap in the face, a burst of warmth in the heart, look at the cloud tilt wan eyes are also full of tenderness.”Hard on you!You wait for me!I will avenge you today!Cloud inclined wan, have the ability to stay in the west city don’t go, I see how you fight with my Qin family!”Abstract: An unknown worldly experience, stripped of memory into a strange environment.The law of heaven and earth, enter experience, be thrown to memory, experience and strange environment alone, become, then restore memory, return to the original life, on the contrary, death.Unfamiliar surroundings.He stood in front of her meddling, but to thank the ceremony, she had to innocent way: “warrior, excuse me what matter?””Hey, little beggar, little grandpa I just helped you, you don’t have anything to say?”The white hair slanted slightly in the air.”Oh, you’re great…”Highlights: a flash of inspiration, Mu Qi and Gu Qing suddenly appear in a place.”So, you mean this wretched little house?”Mu 7 can’t believe looking at this bite broken not broken small place, she thought that looking for memory should be in some of what beautiful historic sites or mysterious land, according to the plot development, oneself should have a section of thrilling memories in that kind of place!But the sight was completely out of line with the idea.Hearing mu Qi’s words, Gu Qing closed her eyes, then exhaled her breath, clenched her fist, and released it again: “Let’s go in…”Mu Qi absentminded see as if heard gu Qing this sentence of trembling……When I recall the look of Gu Qing when she said this place, I feel that the influence of this place is not on me, but gu Qing.Looking at Gu Qing’s stiff step, Mu Qi quickly reached out his hand and grasped a corner of his clothes, “Let’s not go in there!”Gu Qing immediately turned round and said, “Have you remembered?”It was like a sigh of relief.In the face of the sincere, hopeful eyes, Mu Qi stiffly shook his head, but immediately said: “We can go to other places, I stand here without a trace of reaction, that this place can not recall my memory.””No, if there’s a glimmer of hope.”Gu Qing righteous words of refusal.But Mu Qi clearly see, gu Qing said this sentence, his hand shake how severe?”That we first find a place to explain clearly what happened here, and then I go in, maybe there is a causal relationship I have a reaction!”(Click below to read for free) Business farming article “Elder brother is the Jade Rabbit” has the name of the father, is rejected by the father, is a fake male ding.This issue of the book list has been submitted, you bookworms, have you found your love?Pay attention to xiaobian, sea of books carefully selected, quality assurance.Leave us a comment in the comments and let’s share the good books!To the period 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