This is my first time to eat turtle and I have a lot to say

Turtle, because I dislike it ugly, I have never tasted a mouthful.People around me say THAT I do not know good or evil, so nutritious and delicious things I do not care.Until last Friday, when I took my first bite of turtle, I had a feeling I’d never met before.As humans at the top of the food chain, there’s a lot of meat to eat in a lifetime.But of all the meats, turtle must be one of the best.It nourishing Yin kidney, beauty, enhance immunity, clearing heat and reducing fire, prevention and suppression of cancer…It’s been a great tonic ever since.Turtle is not only a delicious food on the table and a high-quality material for first-class banquets, but also used as a Chinese medicine material. It can be said that the whole body is precious, so turtle is expensive, but also a symbol of high-end food ingredients.Early years, there is a turtle named “turtle village” turtle shop in Zhengzhou Gold waterway, the reputation is quite big, but because of the price of many people are back, think that eating turtle is a life of dignitarians and rich people.Even though the turtle is so “sought after”, because it is ugly, I always indifferent.Until last Friday, I was dragged to Jinyuanjia by my friends, I didn’t know there was such a serious turtle cooking restaurant.A glance through the menu reveals only four turtle options, apart from a few appetizers.Authentic solid taste and cost-effective circle powder countless, really verified that sentence: “signature hard dishes, a sufficient”.-02 – Geumwongap is the place where I ate turtle for the first time in my life.Actually, before I came here, I was kind of resisting.I this person compare yan control, even in the choice of food, also have to follow the “appearance level is greater than the sky” principle, imagine in my mind the turtle fierce ugly appearance, are a little dare not mouth.But ao however good friend’s face, still came.The shop is also careful in decoration, the whole shop gives people a comfortable atmosphere, the main color of the shop is fresh white and blue, the floor is Baroque style, the booth is blue leather sofa, the first floor environment is bright and spacious, the second floor private room is strong, where to sit very comfortable.As soon as we arrived at the door, we saw the enthusiastic boss waving to us, and then we were led straight to the transparent pool to select turtles.The turtles were alive and well, and although they still felt ugly on the outside, it was strangely endearable to see the folly with which they had been trying to escape.According to the label on the side of the pool, these turtles come from four water sources: rice turtles in the Pearl River Basin, pond turtles in Xinyang Reservoir, ecological turtles in dongting Lake and ecological turtles in Danjiang River Basin. The price is 39-226 yuan/catty, and the quality is excellent.There are two kinds of flavors: secret sauce fragrant and hot cane pepper. There are many of us. Although the bottom of the two kinds of pot is the same, we still come to one, but we are puzzled by the 11 best options of eight abalone, bullfrog, squab, free-range native chicken, eel, lamb chops, snowflake cowboy bone, beef tendon, ginseng, ox penis and chicken’s loin.Fortunately, there are excellent recommendations in the store, including the three treasures of health preservation for men (turtle with bullfrog, abalone, squab), farewell my concubine (turtle with native chicken, liao shen, cowboy bone), which solve the choice difficulty for most people.There’s nothing wrong with “a watched pot never boils”.Each turtle is ordered and killed on the spot to ensure the freshness of the ingredients, not 30 or 40 minutes of patience is not enough.We were seated in a warm private room on the second floor, and the first few appetizers were nice, delicate and delicious.Fried Danjiang crucian carp, from Danjiangkou reservoir, because of slight fermentation, the entrance is slightly sweet, fish is very delicious;Danjiang small bean sprouts are especially tender, but also some red pepper embellishment, delicious and delightful;There are fennel roots of anise beans in Kong Yiji written by Lu Xun. I also eat them here. The entrance is crisp and cool, and the taste is unique…We chatted around the table, cracking melon seeds and eating appetizers, as Wang Sen, jin Yuanjia’s shareholder, recounted his turtle shop origins.Wang Sen was born in Xichuan, Nanyang. Danjiangkou Reservoir in Xichuan is the largest artificial fresh water lake in Asia and a national ecological civilization demonstration area. 14 tributaries with a watershed area of more than 100 square kilometers flow into Danjiang River, so there are many microorganisms in the water and turtle growth is particularly good.”When I was a child, my family used to cook turtle in the primitive way, simply stewing it and adding salt.””Wang Sen said and tasted it.Later, Wang Sen came to Zhengzhou to work. After living in the city for half his life, he always remembered the taste of his childhood, so he made turtle.In order to make turtle affordable to more consumers, Wang Sen took his founding team to xinyang, Dongting Lake, Danjiang and other turtle origin areas in 2019 to find high-quality lake turtle and rice field turtle, as well as better ecological turtle.Sauces at the bottom of the pot are secret inheritance for twenty years, in order to make the taste better and outstanding, in the practice of upgrading research and development and use a year of time, successfully developed in line with the public’s secret sauce and young people prefer to explode cool rattan pepper, these two kinds of taste in Zhengzhou played a leading role.In just two years, from one store to eight stores, Wang Sen has accumulated a large number of loyal fans by virtue of “good quality and excellent price” and his humble attitude, and even many people from anhui and Shandong provinces are attracted by his reputation.During the chat, the turtle is finally served.Turtle, squab, abalone, bullfrog, a pot full of meat piled up into a hill, the pot at the bottom of the small fire heating, when the turtle in the pot began to “cooing” braving the aroma, the present people can not help but come to a “wow”, the fragrance of the moment let me forget that see turtle in every way to resist their own!Turtle eaters will first choose to eat a wide skirt, which is the best part of turtle.The chewy texture is like dancing between the lips and teeth. The gelatinous but elastic “dance” perfectly brings out the unique fresh breath of turtle. The charm of this skirt is really unimaginable.No wonder someone described: “turtle delicious, I do not know how many fireworks on earth.”The turtle, which tastes super good, cannot leave the chef’s insistence on not using a pressure cooker.In quxingshan, in the careful to clean the viscera and butter in the body, pay attention to scrape the layer of black film on the shell, this is the most important part of the turtle smell, and then is the big knife cut.Finally, simmer with the stock until it reaches its full height.This pot of fresh incense after eating, more absolutely in the back, with turtle soup braised rice, sprinkle some peanuts and coriander, fragrant and fragrant delicious to cry, rice is full I also killed two bowls of rice, a drop of soup are not left.It was just a taste of turtle umami, but suddenly opened up a new world of turtle, this meal is full of meat, nutrition and delicious.From now on, Jin Yuanjia harvested my fans of turtle turn powder!Good food address: Jinyuanjia Bosong Road store, No. 38 Bosong Road, Jinshui District, Yu Jun Changji Garden, No. 2 Building, no. 106 shop, Jinyuanjia Park Maodian, Zhongyuan District, No. 16 Jinju Street, No. 38 shop, No. 1-2 floor, no. 3 Jinyuanjia Jianye, No. 5 Building store, Jinshui District, Shilipu Street and Baizhuang Street intersection, 58 meters east, North per capita: 70-80 yuan

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