Jinjiang Primary School is practicing garbage sorting to build a better home

Garbage classification is to divide garbage into different categories according to their different recycling value and pollution degree to the environment, which is conducive to garbage recycling and treatment.The country produces an average of 300 kilograms of household garbage per person every year, and many cities are facing the danger of garbage siege.And domestic waste is considered to be the most exploitable and inexhaustible “urban mineral”, a “misplaced resource”.After sorting, the waste is sent to factories instead of landfills, which not only reduces the footprint and disposal cost, but also avoids the environmental pollution caused by landfills and incineration. It can also turn waste into treasure.Garbage classification is also the premise and foundation of garbage collection and utilization, which is the breakthrough of circular economy and has social, economic and ecological tripartite benefits.How should waste classification be done?Before putting: paper should be folded neatly and bundled as far as possible, keep dry.Plastic waste should be cleaned up;Bottles and cans should be as far as possible to clean up the bottles and cans and put them flat;Kitchen waste should be bagged, sealed and drained.When putting: according to the signs of garbage classification, they should be put into the designated places and containers respectively;Glass articles should be handled with care to avoid damage.After delivery: pay attention to cover the container to avoid garbage pollution of the surrounding environment, odor, mosquito and fly breeding jinjiang Primary school red scarves in action jinjiang Primary school red scarves into fulong community for garbage classification publicity activities.The young pioneers are brilliant, creative unlimited, they give full play to their imagination to use all kinds of waste goods, cartons, bottle caps, bottles, cans and so on, common waste materials in life, to carry out small handmade activities.Using materials such as cardboard and waste straws, the team created beautiful and functional trash cans.Each piece carries students’ creativity and understanding of environmental protection.The students copied the newspaper with pictures and pictures, carefully drawing, advocating garbage classification, environmental protection.The fresh air is so fragrant, the green breath is my dream.Although “garbage sorting” is a small thing, it is “the most difficult simple job”, which contains great power!Let us work together to make lifting a finger become a habit, a accomplishment.Green earth, we care for together!Beautiful home, we work together to create!Source: Jinjiang Primary School, Tianfu New District, Sichuan province

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