Sacrifice in the New Year’s Eve of the two comrade-in-arms, remembering the first-class merit

Annual 2 2 “after 95” fire comrades oh Paul, WeiJiDe was approved as a martyr and progress “merit citation” on January 31, New Year’s eve in hechi city dahua county electric fire rescue all stand camps, vice webmaster, 26, Paul the 23-year-old fighters WeiJiDe and comrades in fire fighting costume collective watch Spring Festival gala is one of the soldiers out his phone and give everyone clappedA “family photo” record another year on duty on New Year’s Eve, we have sent photos to relatives and friends or posted on the moments of friends “you happy New Year, we protect peace”.Taken on New Year’s eve this “family” are not together anymore ▼ 58 points by 31 January 23 zero bell has not ring the bell of a police suddenly start hechi city dahua chemiacl sense of ancient village yao autonomous county bureau of LaoTun a three-story residents since the building fire 2 people trapped as opening force the Paul, WeiJiDe and comrades immediately boarded the bus out…The scene of the fire: At 1:03 on February 1, firefighters rescued the trapped elderly and childrenLength 00:28 on guangxi hechi city fire inform the fire rescue team to release the ▼ February 2nd annual lunar calendar the Paul, WeiJiDe was approved as the martyr ▼ Paul finished once said he was going to leave home for the holidays this marriage “don’t go back to her before I cough up” discourse is filled with happiness and look forward to ▼ Paul rate team win jousting contest first (in) ▼ the Paul in the eastOn January 31, he posted his last message to his girlfriend: “Post your photo on wechat. Happy New Year, my cute girl.”▼ WeiJiDe ▼ and two comrades in fire fighting and rescue exercises in the circle of friends by familiar friends mourn ▼ salute heroes all the way walk good friends express their respect to the hero and mourning ▼ lunar New Year holiday for many people is relaxing static good years that are many comrades with salute our youth even life guard members of our hero author: handles the jun sources:Emergency Management Department, CCTV News, Guangxi Fire, etc

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