Sun food, sun travel, sun reunion……Let’s see how gao Ming basks in the New Year flavor

February 10th, gaoming District publicity Department, District Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Gaoming Media Center jointly held the gaoming District “Basking in the Taste of The New Year • Celebrating the New Year” activity officially ended.The activity set off an upsurge of participation on the Internet. The citizens of the whole district recorded the happy moments, heart-warming stories and warm pictures of the Spring Festival in the year of the Tiger with cameras, and passed on love and happiness in the sharing zone.Gaoming users with the camera to record the Spring Festival happy moment, warm heart story, warm picture.In epidemic prevention and control under the background of normalized, brillant district party committee propaganda department, the region culture and tourism bureau of radio, film and television, Gao Mingrong media center form innovation activities, and to develop good area “bask in the festival atmosphere, holidays, punching way through the clouds, online launch of district residents crowd record moments during the Spring Festival, use camera to capture the warmth of home,Let the migrant workers who stay and hometown pangui better feel the atmosphere of gaoming New Year, experience the thick flavor of hometown.Since its launch on January 26, the campaign has received a positive response from the general public, who have contributed to participate.According to the arrangement of the activity, the Gaoming district “Bask in the taste of the New Year • Over the New Year” photo solicitation after the end of the event, the organizers will organize the expert review meeting, selected a number of good content, fine picture, picture clear excellent works 100, each photo can get a bonus of 200 yuan.After the selection, excellent works will be recommended online and offline.In addition, the likes of photos uploaded by citizens will be updated in real time. The following prizes will be awarded according to the likes ranking: 1 to 12 winners will get a ticket to Yingxiang Ecological Park worth 120 yuan;No. 13-52, one ticket to Taikang Mountain Resort worth 78 YUAN;53-82 winners will get a sunshine Castle ticket worth 50 YUAN;The 83-102 winners will get a ticket to Alice Manor in Heron Lake, worth RMB 45;No. 103-202, won a big smart specialty suit Shaqima.The list of winners will be announced on the wechat official account of “Gaoming Release”, and the public can claim the prizes according to relevant operations.Gaoming users with the camera to record the Spring Festival happy moment, warm heart story, warm picture.”Taking photos is just a formality. In the end, we all want to go home and see our parents.”The reporter opened the activity link to see that netizen Xie Tingting posted a photo of grandma frying and frying heap.Xie Tingting said that the meaning of sun Flavor is to get together, but also a lingering touch.Up to now, 446 photos have been collected for the activity of “Basking in the Taste of The New Year • Celebrating the New Year” in Gaoming District, each of which illustrates the deep attachment of the returnees to their families and relatives.Among them, participating contestant Li Xiaolin uploaded the work “Mother’s New Year flavor” not only shows the temptation of local food, but also cries out the voice of many citizens — “Mother’s health is the most beautiful New Year flavor”.The inner spirit of Chinese excellent traditional culture, such as The Spirit of New Year, filial piety and inheritance, is vividly reflected in the works of the citizens.Works uploaded by participant Li Xiaolin.Contestant Xia Wenye uploaded a photo of lion dance to celebrate the New Year under the theme of “Lion Dance and New Year greeting” to let the masses feel the lively scene of lion dance and dragon dance in Gaoming folk custom to welcome the New Year.”I like The Spring Festival best, because I work in Guangzhou all the year round, and only during the Spring Festival can we get together as a big family.”Xia wenye said.In addition, there are festivals stand in the position of ordinary heroes, relatives and friends gather together the happy scene, children receive red envelopes of happy smiling face, hung with red lanterns in the street, unique paper-cut couplet and hot dinner, etc., have become a new element of the lens, become the protagonist in the photo story, participate in players from different angles of the idea of a festival atmosphere.Gaoming posted a photo of the New Year elements in the shot.According to organizers, the “flavor of New Year” not only refers to the lively customs of home, but also includes the unique New Year food and the taste of meals cooked by loved ones. This is exactly the “flavor of New Year” that travelers yearn for.Therefore, this theme works also become the most moving focus of the theme.”I felt people’s respect for, protection of, and innovation of traditional culture by browsing the entries.”Citizen Chen Tian said, combined with The Times to inherit innovation, excellent traditional culture is constantly glowing new brilliance.‍ / Foshan Daily reporter Feng Huiwen

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