Agricultural Bank of China Shandong Branch has taken many measures to boost small and micro enterprises to pay lower fees

From this article: People’s Daily online in recent years, the agricultural bank shandong branch actively the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council increase cut rate and benefits, reduce the financial burden of enterprise decision deployment, will always do a good job as a small micro enterprise JiangFei “I does the practical work for the masses” starting point and the focus of many measures to reduce enterprise financial cost and burden, help enterprise to develop high quality.In 2021, the weighted interest rate of inclusive small and micro enterprises loans decreased by 8 BP from the previous year, which is equivalent to reducing financing costs for inclusive small and micro enterprises by more than 60 million yuan.Formulate rules and regulations to implement the policy of reducing fees and fees.Agricultural Bank of China Shandong Branch has actively implemented the policies of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on reducing fees and transferring profits. In accordance with the arrangement and deployment of AGRICULTURAL Head Bank, the Branch has made efforts to promote the implementation of the policies on fee payment and fee reduction for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households.It is reported that the bank has set up a special leading working group under its control at all levels to strengthen the overall planning and organizational guarantee of fee reduction policies and help small and micro enterprises to move forward lightly.Strengthen training to ensure that the grassroots should know should meet.Through the form of “online + offline”, the bank has regularly carried out publicity of the policy of reducing fees and transferring profits for small and micro enterprises in payment services to ensure that customers fully understand the policy of reducing fees.Strengthen personnel training, organize online training courses, institutions at all levels actively carry out transfer training, organize branch staff to use morning and evening meetings to learn about fee reduction policies, fully fulfill the obligation of informing customers, and continuously improve the service level.Active publicity, multi-channel construction of policy publicity network.The bank issued fee reduction announcements through multiple channels such as business outlets, official website, mobile APP and wechat official account.Each branch continuously increases publicity efforts through hall salons, small lecture halls, telephone messages and other ways, and organizes on-site publicity activities of “entering the market, entering the business district and entering the merchant”.All business outlets make public announcements and publicity through LED lintscreen, multimedia publicity and display equipment, hall bulletin board and other forms that are easy to reach and feel, and give accurate guidance to ensure that customers fully understand.Fully display, protect customers’ right to know.The bank fully performs the notification business, makes a solid public announcement of service price catalogue, and protects customers’ right to know about the reduction of fees and profits.Facility outlets are in consulting guidance, and fill out a single near the entrance, and the customer into the points marked positions for the first touch of print the catalog of the agricultural bank of China service charge price on our small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households pay poundage announcement of preferential measures, such as detailed showing various preferential measures, discount, discount deadline elements such as,Ensure that customers know and are familiar with the application.(li wei)

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