Gao Ling information latest announcement: plans to use raised funds and own funds to the letter network royal increase 170 million yuan

Galing Information announced that the company will use the raised funds and its own funds to the wholly-owned subsidiary Xinda Network to increase the capital of 170 million yuan, of which 120 million yuan will be used to raise funds subscribed 120 million yuan,The amount of capital increase will be used for the implementation of the raising project of “Communication network Information Security and Big Data Operation Product Upgrade construction Project”, “Endogenous security Mimicry Defense Infrastructure Construction Project” and “Endogenous security Cloud and Data Center Development and Construction Project”;The capital increase of 50 million yuan of its own capital is used to supplement the working capital required by the daily operation of Xinda Network Royal.The main business of Gaoling Information is research and development, production and sales of military telecommunication network communication equipment, environment-friendly Internet of things application products and network and information security products, and can provide comprehensive solutions for users.The company is based on consolidating national defense communication security and contributing to social and public security, and is committed to creating secure and credible information networks for national defense, government and enterprise users and deeply mining data applications.Mr. Feng Zhifeng: Born in 1974, Chinese nationality, no right of permanent residence abroad, master’s degree, from July 1999 to December 2000, technician of Sinopec No.2 Construction Company;He joined The company in January 2001 and served successively as manager of sales Management Department, Director of Operations and Deputy General Manager.Since April 2016, he has served as chairman and General manager of Gaoling Information.Since December 2017, he has served as executive Director and General Manager of Gaolin Technology.Since June 2018, he has been the Executive Director and General Manager of Xinda Network Royal.Director of Shanghai Red God From September 2020 to present;From February 2021 to present, he has been the executive Director and General manager of Nanjing Gaoling.The above content is compiled by Securities Star according to public information, if you have any questions, please contact us.

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