Roman makes it to the top, Aggie’s new ally appears, and wrestlemania 38’s second night five big things!

(To watch the 2022 Wrestlemania for free, please pay attention to Xiaohui, and then private chat, or leave a message, then free distribution, attention, the best private chat!)The second night of Wrestlemania 38 was even more explosive than the first, and today’s show begins with HHH, the king of Kings, announcing his retirement at the same time as the show begins. Finally, he leaves his boots in the ring, just as He left his signature suit and hat!Hopefully WWE will give him a proper retirement ceremony later!Rk-bro defended its title in the first race of the day, with Bobby Lashley trashing Olmos!Pat McAfee beat Austin Theory in a spectacular match, then took on Vince McMan in an impromptu match.Cold Stone Austin also participated in the second match of Wrestlemania 38, much to the surprise of the WWE president and the delight of fans.
There’s more, of course, but here are the five most noteworthy things from the second night of Wrestlemania 38!5: RK-Bro retains RAW Doubles title at Wrestlemania 38!Rk-bro pitted their RAW doubles champion against Street Boys and Al Law school at Wrestlemania 38, with one member from each team able to step into the ring and fight.Montez Ford attacked first in the match, knocking everyone down with a high Angle dive.Gable followed with a full moon flip, while Otis spent most of the fight using his power to knock his opponent to the ground.Fans watch each team perform their signature moves and hope to win the match.However, it was Randyton who landed an RKO interception in mid-air that won the game.The result was spectacular and the right team won the game.Rk-bro is still good together and deserves a big win on the biggest stage.After the match, street prodigal son toasted RK-Bro’s victory with a red cup.The teams also invited Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson to the party.But Chad Gable didn’t seem too happy with the idea and spoiled the celebration before Stevedson threw him out of the ring with a head-on slam.WWE did a great job of bringing Stevedson out after the game and giving him a prominent spot at Wrestlemania 38.As soon as the bell rang, Little Sammy kicked Knoxville, who responded with a fire extinguisher, and the two men immediately engaged in a weapons fight.Sammy put a mousetrap on the table while trying to win in Knoxville.However, other “Jackass” actors entered the arena, distracting Samizahn and giving Knoxville the upper hand.Out of frustration, Sammy took out a small man with his foot.Later in the match, Knoxville pressed a button that set off fireworks on the ring post, knocking Sammy off the top rope.The former then threw his opponent from a rope in the corner into a mousetrap covered table.At the end of the race, he used a giant mousetrap to help him lock Sammy to victory.The game is nothing but entertainment.Both did some fun things for WWE fans in one of the funniest matches at WrestleMania 38 this year.3: Sasha Banks and Naomi become the new WWE women’s doubles champions.Four top women’s teams compete for the women’s doubles title at Wrestlemania 38.Each team marked their partners and opponents during the game to make it more exciting.The fast-paced nature of the game ensured a chaotic game.Shayna Baszler tried to tear her competitors apart with some stifling moves.Rhea Ripley, meanwhile, used her strength to stay ahead of the other teams and made some top moves.Liv Morgan and Ripley beat all their opponents in different corners of the ring at the same time, and Naomi and Sasha Banks went on to fight and maintain their competitive advantage with some great moves!In the end, Naomi and Sasha performed a combination of head-on falls and head-on kneels to win for the team.It’s a big moment for The Boss’ N ‘Glow, who have worked so well together over The past few months.It also marked Naomi’s first win since 2017 and Sasha’s first at Wrestlemania.Hopefully WWE will give these two women a memorable experience and some good matches in the coming weeks.2: Aggie finds an unlikely ally to help him defeat AJ Styles!One of the most anticipated matches at Wrestlemania 38 is Edge vs AJ Styles.The ultimate opportunist was so disrespectful to his opponent at the start of the match that he even tried to end it with a flying shoulder charge, but AJ Styles fought back.Each discovers the other’s weakness and begins to take aim at the other.AJ hit his opponent in the knee and Aggie hit him in the shoulder.In the final moments of the race, AJ tried to continue with his legendary flying elbow, but Damian Priest appeared out of nowhere, distracting AJ Styles.Aggie saw the opportunity to throw an elbow and made a flying shoulder interception, winning the game.After the game, Priest and Ikey smiled and posed together.The match was the longest at wrestlemania this year.The ending was a bit abrupt, but it allowed Damian Priest to take this Angle.AJ Styles could team up with his friend Finn Barlow against them and that would be a great way to push this competition forward.1: At Wrestlemania 38, Roman becomes the first undisputed WWE world champion!Well, he struck out Lesner and won the final unification championship!Hope you will like and support his works!Welcome to comment, like or ridicule!The most important thing is to get your subscriptions!Every little subscription from you is the most important encouragement for Xiaohui to go on!Thank you!Subscribe after a day of updates, don’t get lost!Free PPV contest every month!

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