Ocd: OCD is a civil war without smoke. Stopping the civil war is the beginning of recovery

Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients are normal on the outside, sunny on the outside, but inside is full of fighting and killing.Outwardly it looks calm, but inwardly the waves swell and swell.Ocd is a civil war, a war invisible to outsiders.In general, we all know that war is fought against others, against others, against the enemy. War is a fight to the death, and war is undoubtedly very bitter.In the history of mankind, there have been numerous wars because of various contradictions and conflicts of interests, and countless creatures have lost their lives in the wars.War is the tragedy of human history, we all hope for peace, we pray for peace, hope there will never be war.Ocd is actually a war on people with OCD. It’s a civil war.I used to say that OCD is a person’s war, and generally if there is a fight, it should be at least two people, but OCD is very strange, it is a person’s war.Obsessive-compulsive disorder is about fighting with yourself and splitting with yourself.People with OCD feel as if there are two little people fighting inside them.One small person will have an idea, and then the other small person will object, so there is a contradiction and conflict between the two small people.Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients every day will appear a lot of thinking and ideas, when out of some thinking and ideas, there is always a small person will appear against the voice, so there are two small people keep fighting, leading to obsessive-compulsive disorder patients in the heart of chaos, pain.Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a person’s war, is hurting themselves.Why do obsessive-compulsive patients always have two little people fighting inside?Because obsessive-compulsive disorder patients have a lot of some wrong cognitive concepts, in the wrong cognitive concepts, will be the wrong psychological response to the symptoms of compulsion, which will directly cause internal contradictions and conflicts between the two small people.Because the self-function of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder is relatively weak, they can not fully coordinate the contradiction between the two inner villains, which leads to the continuous struggle between the two inner villains.Only enhance the self-function of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, in order to fully coordinate the contradictions between the inner two villains, to stop their struggle.When obsessive-compulsive disorder patients after the enhancement of self-function, to be able to coordinate the contradictions and conflicts between the two inner SIMS, the contradiction between them to ease, to reach reconciliation, their own internal will be calm.For obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, the first thing to do is to stop their own internal war, stopping the civil war is the beginning of the rehabilitation of obsessive-compulsive disorder.Struggle with yourself is painful. Don’t fight with yourself. Make peace with yourself.Author Hao Tiannian: Obsessive-compulsive disorder rehabilitation, senior psychotherapist, focus on the research and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder.Original obsessive-compulsive disorder articles continue to share updates.

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