The world: Zhou Bingyi ascends high, Zhou Rong is young and promising, why zhou Bingkun wins the favor of his parents most

In the TV series “The World”, Zhou Bingkun is called the “old pimple” of the Zhou family. Among the three zhou siblings, he seems to be the least outstanding, but in fact he is bold and careful, accompanying his parents to take care of their daily life, and realizing two kinds of filial piety, “nourishing the mouth” and “nourishing the mind”.Zhou Bingyi rose in the political career, thanks to father-in-law Hao Jinlong and mother-in-law Jin Yueji recommendation, he year-round to his wife Hao Dongmei’s original family as the heavy, rarely back to zhou home life, such a situation, in fact, with the door son-in-law without what two.Zhou Rong went to Beijing from Guizhou, eventually returned home jichun work, become the youngest associate professor of Jiangliao University, Feng Huacheng failed to run for executive vice president of the writers association, frustrated, once depressed, unappreciated, and did not spend too much energy to take care of his parents.In contrast, Zhou Bingkun with practical hard work, as well as careful and meticulous thoughts, constantly moving changes in the workplace, for the weekly family subsistence, to seek the situation of food and clothing, also let Zheng Juan heart added a bit of relief, is no longer a sad face in the face of life.In the original novel “the World”, Zhou Bingkun was on loan from the soy sauce factory to the red Gear magazine. Under the guidance of Shao Jingwen and Bai Xiaochuan, zhou Bingkun continued to grow and later served as the acting director of the magazine editorial department.However, superior delegate Han Wenqi holds the post of “red gear” magazine president, Shao Jingwen serves as the magazine chief editor, from this partial secure corner, resign to the organization soon after, transfer this city culture museum curator, the title of deputy department level is high with qu Zhengshi level post, the heart gives birth to lonely feeling.People move live, tree move dead, Shao Jingwen left office, Zhou Bingkun and Bai Xiaochuan volunteered, with the “red gear” magazine platform as a springboard, business started a performing arts company, focused on the folk art performance activities, take time, go to various cave performances.However, In order to complete the performance task issued by the magazine, Zhou Bingkun took the sword to deviate from the norm and went astray, eventually resulting in a series of economic cases, which is also a common problem in the early stage of reform and opening up. The original novel “The World” wrote:Bingkun on behalf of everyone reported learning experience, made a public review – attempt to treat, gifts, stuffed red envelopes as some of the way to occupy a place in the performance market, corrosion to local performance market management cadres, despicable motives, vulgar means.Zhou Bingkun on behalf of the performing arts company to do a profound review, the city’s various cultural units, also all attended, together to listen to Zhou Bingkun tearful reflection, this protracted cultural storm, finally is to come to an end.Two, Zhou Bingyi check financial accounts in the TV series “the world” inside, Zhou Bingyi jichun military factory head, in the factory workers conference, he praised his mother-in-law Jin Yueji’s integrity without naming the way, and brother Zhou Bingkun’s self-reliance, Zhou Bingkun happened to appear at the meeting.In the original novel in the world, and is also a scene Zhou Bingkun, ping-i Chou brothers meeting present at the same time, but it is a may play a may get, Zhou Bingkun as opposite model, accepted the criticism of the participants, the meeting’s host is ping-i Chou: on the day of the venue is very big, the rest of the position by a full college students.Chow bingyi gave a lecture on the subject of “Opposing bourgeois liberalization”. The audience all thought his lecture was of high quality.Bingkun on the stage review, found that sister Zhou Rong and brother-in-law CAI Xiaoguang also sat in the first few rows.In order to thoroughly investigate the inside story of the economic case of the performing arts industry, Chow bingyi instructed the working group to obtain the accounts of performing arts companies, review performance programmes, tune to see the text creation files, especially to see the original and adapted programmes seriously.Eldest brother Zhou Bingyi took the lead to his younger brother Zhou Bingkun, this scene is undoubtedly dramatic, become the city’s people at dinner and tea with great delight, Zhou Bingkun on the stage to accept criticism, public shame.Finally, under the auspices of Zhou Bingyi, the working group announced the decision to deal with: after verification, in addition to the “IOUS” inconsistent with financial provisions, the company in the income, expenditure, pay management fees and tax payments to the sponsor, the accounts are clear, no corruption, waste, tax evasion phenomenon.In the TV drama “The World”, Shao Jingwen invited Zhou Bingkun to start his own business, plate the idle property of Jiang Liao publishing House, opened the Ji Shan Tang restaurant, and later in the downtown business of a bookstore, hired Wu Qian and Sun Xiaoning to manage the daily affairs of the bookstore.Zhou Bingkun’s work is excellent, get jiang Liao publishing house, but in Linmen a foot when others cross inserted a bar, Shao Jingwen for Zhou Bingkun justice, at real name to write a letter against the shady, for Zhou Bingkun saved face, to uphold justice, and serve as the director of logistics.Later, Zhou Bingkun and Luo Shibin in the capital airport brawl, negligence caused death, Zhou Bingkun was sentenced to prison, Shao Jingwen in order to preserve The system of Zhou Bingkun, at a great distance, came to The city of Hanyang to seek Zhou Bingyi’s help, but hit a nose, angrily left.Shao Jingwen is the regeneration of Zhou Bingkun parents, he is at a critical moment, really gun Zhou Bingkun themselves, do anything, let a person sincerely admire, and inside the original fiction “in the world”, Zhou Bingkun difficulties after Shao Jingwen self-recommendation, solved the Zhou Bingkun way: in view of the company to sign up staff performance relaxation education, cause the masses, have a negative effect.The company was ordered to stop performing activities for three months from now.Hope that the company and the magazine “popular rap” to strengthen management and ideological learning, improve understanding, for the people to create more elegant and popular programs.The performing arts company that Zhou Bingkun founded encounters close business to rectify, he is disheartened from this, left the magazine completely, became unemployed, Shao Jingwen uses oneself to hold the post of cultural center long human resources, introduce Zhou Bingkun to “he shun floor” hotel hold the post of director, stage a resurgence.

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