45-year-old man: Taking care of a 68-year-old employer for $8,000 a year. I’m done

“I don’t want to take care of a 68-year-old employer for 8,000 yuan a year,” a 45-year-old man confessed.Uncle Li (45 years old) My hometown is in the countryside. My family is poor and shabby. My parents are weak and ill.Because my family was poor, I was unhappy with my wife until I was 35.She spoke before she got a certificate of marriage.She can’t go back to the country and live a hard life with me.You have to buy a flat on the street to marry her.I’m afraid I missed her and will be single forever.I can only answer her request.To buy a house, I borrowed all my friends and family, and did whatever it took to make a down payment to buy a house and marry a wife.I can be a family, my parents are very happy, I also have a big thing in my heart.It’s just, happily, I’m under the weight of my mortgage payments.Then my wife gave birth to my son, and I couldn’t be happier.I’m happy to have a baby, but there’s more pressure on me.My job is a driver, after work I work takeaway, a person to do the work of two people to support the family.The economy got worse and worse. The small factory WHERE I worked closed down and I lost my job.I have old people and children, and I’m too worried to eat or sleep.One of my hometown introduced me to being a male nanny.The monthly salary is 8000.I get excited when I hear it.Face doesn’t matter as long as it makes money.There’s nothing better than having a family to eat.My employer is a 68-year-old grandmother.In my memory, grandma was kind and kind, but my employer had such a fierce face that I couldn’t stand it in front of her.Grandma put me as hard work, all day long, every day to her three-story villa clean, let me give her yard weeding, watering, fertilization.The old lady was knocked down by the wind and had to use a wheelchair.I have to hug her several times a day.She weighs 100 pounds. I can’t eat middle-aged men.I suggested that she move from the second floor to the first floor, but she said I wanted to be lazy, I was really difficult.The old lady was so eccentric and merciless that she often amused me by making me angry.She always turns things upside down and tells her son that I bully her when he calls to do business.I can’t make sense out of a hundred words.My wife and I had a cold war once when she came to visit and my grandma was there and said I had to hug her every day and deliberately make my wife feel high.I explained to my wife that I was in a wheelchair holding Grandma and was just working, but she had to tell me to quit.I had no idea that I was guilty of so much sin in one job. I felt so remorseful and it gave my family peace. It paid well, but I just wanted to quit.I don’t want to lose my family over a little failure.If you lose your job, you can find it again. If you lose your house, you can never go back.

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