“A Thousand Words” 53: Indescribable tobacco culture

Social hot spots, workplace focus, focus of life, talking about the world;A family of words, nonsense nonsense, set thinking, a thousand words.– “A Thousand Words of Delible” Proposition and Adherence to the things that cannot be given up, human beings always try their best to beautify, praise, and never stingy.The most striking example of this is that cigarettes are treated with the highest respect in human society.Tobacco contains nicotine and is a real drug, but it is favored by everyone from ordinary people to politicians and businessmen.One after another, high-priced cigarettes appear and sell briskly. it is not just about extravagant consumption, but also about ostentation of status, status and vanity.It is well known that smoking is harmful to health, but few people pay attention to it.Some people call for smoking ban, and many cities even issued smoking control regulations and made relatively strict punishment provisions, but the actual effect is not obvious, and smoking control and smoking ban has become a good wish that cannot be realized in the short term.There are two main reasons: there are too many consumers and too much profit to produce and sell cigarettes.Therefore, it is not only manufacturers and retailers that do not support the ban, but also the national level.It is said that the tobacco industry contributes a staggering amount of tax revenue every year, which is the fundamental reason why the state implements tobacco monopoly.Even ordinary people are not in favour of smoking bans.Because the additional functions of tobacco are too numerous and too powerful to count, too powerful to accomplish many things besides anesthetizing and pleasing oneself.Before the ban on smoking in public places, smoking was one of the most convenient and effective ways to approach the distance between people in any setting other than restaurants.Especially for smokers, even if they have never met before, a respectful action, a chance to borrow a light, a casual discussion about the brand and taste of cigarettes may become friends, friends and even confidants of cigarettes.Those who are always generous with their cigarettes, those who always share their good cigarettes, often have many friends and are very popular.When a person who has never smoked comes across a group of smokers puffing and puffing, the scene is always slightly awkward, as if they can’t find common topics without smoking.As a result, some non-smokers began to learn to carry cigarettes and lighters, in order to reduce embarrassment, in order to close the distance with others in the smoke and lighting.Another important function of cigarettes in communication seems to be related to bribery and bribery.If you are a smoker, if you work at a high level in a party or government office or an enterprise, if you go to a subordinate unit to inspect and guide the work, under normal circumstances, the tobacco of a low grade will be supplied through various channels.Most of the money used to buy these cigarettes is public money or corporate public relations.China is a human society.Buying a guest a pair of nice cigarettes is rarely seen as a gift or a bribe, and is often seen as an understandable return of courtesy and human nature.Some see someone smoking not on my own, no one to send smoke smokers is very envy, some even give not smoking buddies idea: you again check work, I’ll give you a box of good smoke, have no matter you tried two times, the same brand or higher level of one or several cigarettes even if hand, this also is one of the welfare of guys.Haha, there is such a contestant, such an idea.After laughing, there are so many problems to reflect on.To some extent, tobacco has become an important vehicle for rent-seeking power and corruption.And some officials fell into the water, it is from a cigarette, a good carton of cigarettes, a case of expensive cigarettes.Before the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, no one had done a survey, and probably no one could have done a survey: How much public money would be spent on cigarettes each year?How much should ordinary people spend on cigarettes as gifts?It’s hard to tell, but it’s going to be astronomical!In fact, how many officials who chain-smoke every day pay from their own pockets?The answer is self-evident.Yufu morning grass was developed in Shenyang, Liaoning province on June 10, 2010, and perfected in Tianjin Hedong on February 19, 2022

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