A man in Xinyu wanted a “favor” from the traffic police after being checked for drunk driving twice.

In order to escort the Spring Festival travel rush and create a safe and orderly road environment for citizens to travel, on the afternoon of February 8, the xinyu public Security traffic police chengnan Brigade set up a card to investigate and punish drunk driving and other key traffic violations.During the period, Pan driving through the checkpoint was stopped by the police in accordance with the law, after the breath alcohol tester test, Pan detection results of 25mg/100ml, to meet the standard of drunk driving.However, in the process of investigation, Pan to “drink a bottle of beer in the morning”, “hangover function is not” and other grounds refused to cooperate with the police law enforcement, police “help” for many times, to escape punishment.Faced with such a “stereotypical” excuse, the police patiently told him that no one dared to help them.Nothing justifies breaking the law…After further inspection, Pan this belongs to drinking again driving motor vehicle, has been executed administrative detention, fines and revoked driving license punishment.During the Spring Festival travel rush, all kinds of wine bureau dinner increases, friends meet up, it is hard to avoid drinking a few cups, no matter your alcohol size, the principle of not driving after drinking can not be forgotten, especially “overnight wine”, “every meal wine”, these easy to ignore the “details”, otherwise you can not afford these costs.Source: Xinyu Traffic police

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