Ni Ping painted a painting sold 1.5 million yuan, was ridiculed as a child’s urine stains, netizens: too abstract

Celebrity calligraphy and painting has always been touted as a sky-high price. If it is about artistic attainments, it is still necessary to invite professionals. At the same price, professionals can buy high-quality works that make a person’s eyes shine in their hands, but in the celebrity side, even a signature may not be able to get it.Ni Ping in the entertainment circle, can be regarded as a veteran figure, as an old artist, Ni Ping has been rated as “both virtue and art”, but did not expect the first news related to the Year of the Tiger, Ni Ping is to sell a painting at a high price of 1.5 million, attracted a lot of people eat melon criticism and abuse.This painting is Yin Hu, if not for the following instructions, it is hard to imagine this is a majestic tiger.A few scrawled strokes show the outline of a tiger, more like a big cat sitting on the ground staring into the distance than a tiger.Intentional images without bones, a few scrawled strokes vaguely discernible whiskers and eyes, and even the Chinese character for king on the head with a fork, were judged by experts to be far from accomplished.But a scrawl like this could sell for $1.5 million.This is a few small cities below, may be a lifetime struggle to earn more money than a person.However, old artists always seem to carry a halo, and when they are praised so highly, they forget their real level. Some netizens joke that such level is no different from children’s urine stains.Some netizens said it was too abstract to understand.In Traditional Chinese painting, dizzy dyeing is a basic skill, but in this tiger painting, Ni Ping relies entirely on dizzy dyeing. If you only look at the lower part, it is basically a pile of dizzy dyeing. If you give children a range, they can do it without painting foundation.Although art does not need to be grounded, it should at least be popular. This painting is more like two immature baked sweet potatoes than a tiger. The abstract painter makes people unable to see the essence, so what is art at all?Celebrity paintings are not good enough, but the price is very high. The main reason is that the capital operation behind them is too empty and high, so that a lot of capital is willing to pay for them. What they buy is not their works, but the popularity of “artists”.When ordinary people see such a high price, they will only feel that celebrities are out of reach, which further increases the value of celebrities, but these are often the most nihilistic things in society.But capital loves nothing more than to pay for nothing, like the recent metaverse investment, where there is nothing physical, just a concept, that can get millions to pay.As for the capital, just over 1 million yuan is just pocket money. It can buy a bridge with celebrities and maybe even become an investment in the future. It is a sure thing to earn money.It may seem strange or even crazy to ordinary people, but at a different level.Rich people are not fools, buy paintings every year, every year, they read countless famous paintings, and how can I know the technical content?

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