Wang Yi: This is a question worthy of our European friends’ careful consideration

On the evening of February 19, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the Special Session of the 58th Munich Security Conference by video in Beijing and delivered a keynote speech.Wang Yi answered questions from the moderator on China’s attitude and position on NATO enlargement, European security and the situation in Ukraine.Wang yi said that the Cold War has long since ended, and NATO, as a product of the cold War, should assess the situation and make necessary adjustments.If NATO continues to expand eastward, will it help maintain peace and stability in Europe and achieve lasting peace and stability in Europe?This is a question worthy of serious consideration by our European friends.The sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries should be respected and safeguarded, as this is the basic norm governing international relations and reflects the purposes of the UN Charter. It is also China’s consistent principled position, and Ukraine is no exception, Wang said.If anyone questions China’s attitude on this issue, it is nothing but hype with ulterior motives and a distortion of China’s position.Wang yi said that as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China always decides its position and handles international affairs on the basis of its own merits.China believes that on the Ukraine issue, it is time to return to the origin of the New Minsk agreement as soon as possible.This is because the agreement is a binding agreement reached through negotiations between the parties concerned and has been approved by the UN Security Council. It is the only way out for the Ukrainian issue.As far as I know, both Russia and the EU support the New Minsk Agreement. The US side also expressed support during my phone conversation with US Secretary of State Blinken not long ago.That being the case, why can’t the parties sit together and have a full discussion and work out a roadmap and timetable for the implementation of the agreement?What all parties need to do now is to shoulder their responsibilities and work for peace, instead of just escalating tension, creating panic and even playing up war.As for the prospect of resolving the Ukraine issue, Wang said Ukraine should become a bridge of communication between east and West, instead of the front line of confrontation between major powers.As for European security, all parties can raise their own concerns. Russia’s legitimate security concerns should be respected and taken seriously.China expects all parties to find a solution that is truly conducive to Safeguarding European security through dialogue and consultation.Late February 19, according to foreign ministry website, state councilor and foreign minister wang yi in Beijing was invited to attend the 58th annual Munich security conference video way China has special performance and a keynote speech, the following is the full text content: respect, manmohan singh, chairman, ladies and gentlemen: I’m glad to present at the Munich security conference, again with you meet new friends in the “cloud”.In recent years, uncertainty has been the most discussed topic at the Meeting. This year, powerlessness was the focus.This reflects the deep confusion about the current situation and the general concern about the future.UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called out on many occasions that the world is facing a crisis of division and expects major powers to shoulder their responsibilities and fulfill their due international obligations.China believes that this warning is not groundless. Our world is once again facing the risk of division and confrontation.A few major powers revert to the Cold War mentality and create camp confrontation;Resorting to unilateral sanctions and undermining the international legal system;Weaving circles, provoking antagonism;Keen to decouple and build walls against globalisation;Advocating power status, advocating hegemony and bullying.This state of affairs should not continue, because it runs counter to the direction of history.What should we do?The right answer is to strengthen solidarity and cooperation under the banner of multilateralism.As President Xi Jinping pointed out at the World Economic Forum earlier this year, “In the rough waters of the global crisis, countries are not in more than 190 small boats, but in one big boat with a shared future.”Only when nations pull together, not against each other, and lift each other up, not against each other, can we overcome the challenges of today and move toward a brighter future.In this process, the role of major countries is crucial. I would like to share with you three points. First, for the world to become better, major countries must set an example.President Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that a big country should look big.We hope that major countries will take the lead in supporting multilateralism, honoring their international commitments, fulfilling the purposes of the UN Charter and contributing to world peace and development.China has been fulfilling its international responsibilities and obligations with concrete actions.In the face of repeated delays in the global epidemic, China has been the first to provide vaccines to countries in need, following president Xi Jinping’s declaration that vaccines are public goods. So far, more than 2.1 billion doses of vaccines have been provided to more than 120 countries and international organizations.Right now, we are focusing new large-scale vaccine assistance on Africa.In the face of sluggish recovery in the world economy, China is pursuing the vision of common development and high-quality belt and Road cooperation. It is green, open and clean, high-standard and sustainable, and delivers benefits to the people.In the face of the impact of COVID-19 on the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, China has put forward a global development initiative, calling on all countries to take action and inject new impetus into the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.In the face of complex governance difficulties, China has actively participated in the building of global systems for climate, environment, health and digital governance, pushed for globalization to make it more open and win-win for all, and firmly upheld the international system with the United Nations at its core and the international order based on international law.In the face of the volatile international situation, China has upheld a new concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and upheld the political settlement of regional hotspot issues, thus playing a constructive role in maintaining international peace and security.Facts have proved that China’s development has increased the certainty of the world and contributed to the development and growth of forces for peace.A China with better quality of development and stronger capacity for action will provide more momentum for post-epidemic recovery and make greater contribution to international peace and stability.Second, for the world to become better, countries must strengthen cooperation.We should work together to build a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation.State-to-state relations should not simply be defined by competition, still less should they be eager to turn back the wheel of history and repeat the mistakes of alliance and confrontation.We should jointly advocate and practice true multilateralism.The authority of the United Nations must be upheld and the purposes and principles of the UN Charter upheld.No country, no matter it is a superpower, can replace international rules with its own will, still less override them.We should work together to promote a balanced and strong recovery of the world economy.What we need to do now is to pursue openness rather than isolation and integration rather than decoupling, remove trade barriers and high walls, promote open, green and common development, and build and maintain an open world economy.We should work together to maintain global peace and stability.The security of one country cannot be compromised at the expense of the security of others, and regional security cannot be guaranteed by strengthening military blocs.We should abandon the idea of exclusive and absolute security, and work together to guard against and reject all attempts of a “new cold war” and build a world of lasting peace.Third, for the world to get better, China and Europe must play their part.China and Europe are two major forces and civilizations in the world. We need and have the ability to provide more stability and positive energy to the world.China and the EU should remain comprehensive strategic partners and not be swayed by one incident or another.China will continue to support The European integration process, support the EU’s unity and prosperity, and support Europe’s strategic independence.At the same time, we also hope that the EU will break out of the “triple positioning” mindset, stick to dialogue and cooperation, maintain the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and grasp the overall direction of the sound development of China-Eu relations from a strategic and long-term perspective.The two sides should respect each other’s core interests and adhere to the basic norm of non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs.China and Europe have different historical and cultural backgrounds and stages of development. It is inevitable that there will be differences and differences between us.China is ready to step up dialogue with the EU on the basis of mutual respect and equality, seek common ground while shelving differences and find a solution acceptable to both sides.The two sides should expand all-round mutually beneficial cooperation.China and the EU have highly complementary development advantages and a long-term foundation for cooperation. We need to further expand the potential and space for cooperation in the post-covid-19 era, deepen and deliver concrete results in our green and digital partnership, and tap greater potential and provide stronger momentum for the growth of China-Eu relations.Dear friends, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will soon come to a successful conclusion.I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all the people around the world for their warm support and participation in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The success of the Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a success for China, but also a success for the world.This world-renowned sports event has not only brought warmth and hope to people of all countries in the cold winter of COVID-19, but also injected valuable force of peace and unity into a turbulent world.The motto of the Beijing Winter Olympics is “Together for the Future.”We have seen that in the Winter Olympics, even the fiercest competitors can compete peacefully and encourage each other, because their goal is not to beat each other, but to surpass themselves.Such a spirit should also guide state-to-state relations.In this spirit, We are ready to work with other countries to forge a better future in the post-pandemic era with solidarity as the sail and cooperation as the propeller.Thank you very much!Now I would like to share with you.Source | CCTV news to the client

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