Huizhou-district branch of Huizhou-district ecological environment Bureau and huizhou-district traffic police brigade carried out diesel truck exhaust detection in key areas

In order to promote the prevention and control of air pollution, strengthen the prevention and control of motor vehicle pollution and deepen the control of diesel vehicle pollution, Huimin District branch of Huizhu Ecological Environment Bureau and traffic police brigade of huimin District carry out diesel truck exhaust detection in key areas.On February 12, the district ecological environment sub-bureau combined with the district traffic police brigade to carry out tail gas test on the Kelin Thermal power Plant and key sections of diesel trucks under control.Law enforcement personnel use intelligent diesel engine smoke meter to carry coal diesel vehicle exhaust emission real-time monitoring and data collection, a total of more than 20 random inspection, 1 did not find excessive phenomenon.At the same time, truck drivers to carry out environmental protection knowledge publicity, help to understand the relevant policies, effectively assume the main responsibility of pollution prevention and control, consciously implement diesel truck cleaning measures.In the next step, our branch will continue to adopt the management method of combining regular and dynamic sampling inspection, comprehensively carry out diesel truck exhaust monitoring, severely crack down on fraud, solidly promote the prevention and control of motor vehicle pollution, and do a good job in the detection of diesel truck over the standard, so as to promote the improvement of air quality in our city.

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