Karting, script killing, acting…Spring Festival here to punch in!

Where do we go for Spring Festival?Yuanming New Garden launches a series of themed activities entitled “Royal Festive Activities for Chinese New Year”!Red lanterns, meng Meng year of the Tiger zodiac ornaments, festive “fu”, all kinds of flowers in full bloom, the newly planted lawn, painted a new leisure corridor……Come and have a look at what are the fun projects ~ 01 new online!The vision and experience of the royal kart racer, personally feel the “speed of chasing the wind”, fuel your adrenaline, stress and trouble all dissipate!Play place: Yuan Ming New Garden east wing square 02 Dream Garden · Real scene script kill Dream Garden real scene script kill, take you to unlock different board games.Here, will let you enjoy the full play of acting.There are so many scripts and roles to choose from.Each story is a period of life, through different times, experience different life.More scripts long press to identify about!Visitors can freely shuttle through the gorgeous coral, strange shells and various fish, three-dimensional 3D photography exhibition area, constitute a colorful underwater world.Time: 9:00-17:30 Place: West exit 04 of Yuanming New Garden, Tourists can go to The Zhengda Guangming Sightseeing bus area, enjoy the beautiful scenery and unique royal classical architecture of the park by sightseeing bus, and feel the prosperity of the imperial garden in the past.Time: 9:00-17:30 place: 05 Royal Grand Ceremony scene experience play, Zhengda Guangming Hall, Yuanming New Garden, visitors will take part in the whole show and experience novel and interactive performance feelings.Performance time: 15:30, 16:30 every day during the Spring Festival, 15:30 every day on weekdays (closed on Mondays, except statutory holidays) Venue: Yuanming New Garden Jiuzhou Qingyan Palace Theatre 06 Dry Long Fu Hai Tour Tourists can go to Fuhai Lake to sit on the “Yuanming New Garden Qianlong” to enjoy the cross-strait scenery, equipped with singing and dancing performances.Time: 9:00-17:30 every day location: Round bright new park fuhai Lake 07 parent-child self-driving boat Fuhai Lake existing duck pleasure boat, antique battery boat for tourists water sightseeing tour, can be in the lake by boat around the lake, to meet the needs of parent-child and family tour.Time: 9:00-17:30 Place:Warm prompt New Yuanming Palace airdropping lake scenic area in accordance with the relevant government requirements, should be “limited, booking, wrong peak” principle, the period of time for tickets booking system, to ensure that hotels “no higher than 50% of the maximum bearing capacity of scenic spots, tourists are prepared before visit personal” guangdong kang code “, cooperate in inspection, thank you for your support and cooperation!Editor: Huang Yaojie first review: Yang Ying, Guo Jun review: Wang Biao source: Yuan Ming New Garden

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