Rural unmarried men in their 30s or urban unmarried women are more likely to find a partner?

In the countryside of the ancient city of Qingzhou, there are such a group of people, most of whom are 30-40 years old. In Qingzhou city, they have real estate, 100,000 yuan scooters, stable jobs but not too high income, and mark “rural single young men” in the matchmaker group.A while ago old mama made a “matchmaker” part-time job, after all, she always wants to find something to enrich the next amateur life after retirement.So we have this group.Most of the young people in the group may be busy with their careers and put off important things like falling in love and starting a family.Some of them are veterans.Soldier brother temperament is more outstanding, a month can introduce several pairs of success.This bog a few days on the successful introduction of a soldier brother.In contrast, ordinary rural families, without higher education, looks not too outstanding young people, the competition conditions are not too hard, it is difficult to get marriageable young female parents of the favor.Behind every old unmarried youth, there are untold stories.Friend A, male, born in 1989, graduated from junior high school, 33 years old.There was also an older brother, who was married with two sons.The parents are old but healthy.He himself is engaged in e-commerce, but also runs a 20-square-meter fruit shop as a sideline Courier.Now we are in a state where one person is fed and the whole family is not hungry.In the past few years, he has met countless girls on blind dates, but he has a hard and fast condition — the other is at least a high school, preferably a college degree or above, and can manage the online store and operate office software together after marriage.The young man is eloquent and kind to others. His family is of medium condition, but he has a high eye for his wife.Once I took my blind date to the supermarket. He didn’t like her, so he went Dutch with her.He is popular, but others despise him.He likes him, he dislikes other people’s low educational background, looks ordinary.As a result, I have not found a suitable partner since I first met him 10 years ago.Friend B, female, college graduate, born in 1988, 34 years old this year.Her father was the leader of a construction team, and she was the only child in the family.Several properties in the city, several branded cars.Material condition is very good, but the vision is some high, need the other side height 175 above, the working woman can arrange, but need to be honest, honest and honest, considerate daughter-in-law, care for the elderly.Without material pressure, she found it easy to find a mate.He introduced a few honest ex-soldier brothers and got married at the end of the year.Student C, female, born in 1988, graduated from master’s degree at the age of 34.Struggle in Shenzhen for a few years, buy a car.Excellent ability, high financial capacity, strong independence.I have been in love with her for two times. The man is not very independent and always lives on her. Recently, a former boyfriend went to Beijing for development, and they decided to separate after a long distance.Now the relationship is in the gap period, has not found the right object, in the face of parents urged marriage, she has difficulty speaking.Do not want to be under pressure to find a person will have been used to a personal life.Student D, female.Born in 1988, graduated from university at the age of 34.I started my own business in Nanjing. After graduating from university at the age of 24, I got married with an upperclassman of the school and had a daughter.But he cheated on her while she was pregnant and transferred their joint assets.After hearing the heart-wrenching news, she decided to divorce and fight for custody of her daughter.There was a gap of 10 years, and I never met a suitable partner.She felt helpless, but she would rather live with her daughter than be hurt by a man who cheated and played with women’s feelings.Maybe a classmate has a nine-year-old daughter, so it’s not easy to find a partner.But I want to say, just did not meet the right person, she is very good, is the betrayal of the other side.But who can really understand her suffering?Their past relationship experience, career changes, family conditions and so on have become the “stumbling block” on the road to divorce.May all of us stay out of the matter, do not hold a spectator mentality to urge marriage, to match.After all, life is their own, and everyone has the right to choose happiness.There are helpless, helpless, more unspeakable suffering.In 2022, I wish my friends and classmates can harvest their own love, build a happy family, successfully get rid of the single, and contribute to China’s population growth!Come on!

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