76ers interested in Simmons for Bill?If can achieve, lose to harden partner Embiid

The 76ers are also interested in trading Simmons, but if they don’t have the right leverage, they would rather wait until the offseason to pursue Harden.The Sixers are also interested in The Wizards’ Bill Beal. According to David Aldridge and Josh Robbins of The Athletic, The Sixers are willing to trade Simmons for The All-star.And the Wizards’ Bill Beal is one of their targets.If simons for Bill, it is indeed a good choice, and even, if it can be realized, Then Joseph Beal and Embiid’s Wife is as good as Harden’s partner Embiid, what’s more, there is no need to wait until the second season, this season, there is hope to lead the 76ers to win the championship.For the 76ers, embiid has led the team to the second best in the Eastern Conference, and Embiid has played mVP-level, so if you can have a top scorer like Beal, then the 76ers will have a qualitative leap.However, the 76ers are standing firm on the trade, willing to trade only Simmons for Beal, not Sabre and Maxie.With Both Sable and Maxie considered important pieces for the 76ers’ future, it’s up to the 76ers and Wizards to decide.For the 76ers, if these two people are not considered, the other increase chips, if they can take Beal, is really very conducive to the current situation, after all, wait until the offseason, harden is not that easy to get, so cherish now, is really the best choice.

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