Come out half a year sales of ten million, meat pad by Yihai group ten million plus investment

Introduction: Mercedes Benz team crossed into the pet industry, dark horse brand meat pad continues to bring a sense of freshness and surprise to the industry.In the product was 5 months time, quickly from 0 to 1 pads, brand of the “revenue break must” small target, team to speed up the pace this year with pet dog market at the same time, recently officer in the mission completed a new round of the do level of financing, the article group power pads, become a new generation of pet people preferred pet brand.Speaking of this tens of millions of dollars of financing behind, there is a background story worth paying attention to.Article group, in fact, the helm is pads, brother XinDiHao XinDiJia the founder of the two brothers are both senior raise pets, also bullish on China pet industry prospects and development potential, so this article group in dabbled in real estate development, education management, financial investment, community governance, business operations, and many other fields, the strategic layout pet circuit.Yihai Group Executive Chairman:XinDiHao enter the pads, founded in 2021 at the beginning of the first must get this article group level seed round as the start-up capital, in a year of project operation, group from meat pad team see the long-term value of pet economic development momentum, decided to increase being investment again, testified that group on the pet industry and confidence in the meat pad brand.In this regard, the founder of the meat pad Syndijia told the pet industry that the team is very happy and confident to obtain the continuous recognition of Yihai Group. This financing will mainly be used for the research and development of new products, the deepening and strengthening of product quality control ability, as well as the continuous optimization and construction of sales channels.For why the meat pad brand can achieve rapid development and market recognition in one year, after in-depth communication with its team, pet industry concluded as follows:According to the official introduction, Meatpad was founded in 2021, and its three founders once worked together at the China headquarters of mercedes-benz, a well-known luxury car brand.Syndication, the CEO, has worked for mercedes-benz, BMW, Lamborghini, Bentley, Google and other well-known brands in brand operation;COO Bai Tianming is responsible for marketing channel building and supply chain management. He has been responsible for the landing of innovative projects of Benz Group and the management of overseas large projects of Didi International.CXO Li Shen, who is in charge of brand design, is one of the few red Dot award winners in China and has provided many award-winning designs for online and offline products of Lenovo, Mercedes-benz, Alibaba and other brands.At the same time, the meat pad brand operation team also carries the “professional” and “international” label.The two product managers, Shaoyi Zhang and Jingyi Zhang, received their master’s degrees respectively from The Royal Melbourne University and the China Agricultural College, focusing on animal nutrition and food engineering.They applied their years of expertise in small animal nutrition and strict pursuit of human food quality to the research and development and quality control of pet food.Chen Manni, head of the supply chain, is from Air China. She applies the standardization of aviation logistics and the pursuit of supply efficiency to the pet industry, creating an efficient and reliable supply system for meat MATS.Song Dingsen, who is in charge of marketing business, graduated from the School of Economics and Management of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. With solid business theoretical foundation and practical experience in the financial industry, he has brought his control of macroeconomic trends in economics and insight into the industry and data into the trading management of meat pad marketing.The sales volume will exceed ten million in 2021. The product will be extended to dog products in 2021, and the meat pad will focus on the cat market and create a complete product matrix suitable for cats.According to Syndication, the meat-mat team conducts spot checks at factories and supply chains to check product quality and monitor the production process.With AAFCO standard as the research and development base line and the whole link health and safety standard of human food factory as the guidance, the research and development of pet staple food and snacks with pure natural taste is based on full-price nutrition and driven by tonic function.In June 2021, meat pad products were officially sold on Tmall, jingdong, and offline channels were officially opened in September. By December 2021, the sales volume of meat pad had rapidly exceeded ten million, and the online users had exceeded one million. The sales volume of Its Tmall flagship store exceeded one million when it participated in the Singles’ Day for the first time, and it was also included in the Singles’ Day battle report of Tmall pet category.It is worth mentioning that the coffee grounds deodorant cat litter pioneered by meat mat won the fourth annual innovation product award of the new Pet National Product Conference.Pet owners’ aspirations are not limited to the cat market. After launching a series of cat products, The meat pad has expanded its products to dog food.In April 2022, Meatpad officially launched the brand’s first dog product — a functional nutrition series of full-price natural dog food for dog tears.According to the official introduction, the product strictly complies with the competition level nutrition standards, adding duck meat and snow pear, clear heat, reduce fire and tear stains;Add raw meat freeze-dried and 600,000 active probiotics, improve palatability, but also play a role in gastrointestinal care, accelerate metabolism and stable absorption.CEO Syndication said that the meat pad will continue to improve the cat product framework this year, and launch more dog products, enrich the brand product matrix, to serve more target customers and markets.The number of covered stores is far more than expected to open nationwide dealers and store cooperation in the channel end, Syndicate previously accepted pet industry interview revealed that it is expected to cover the country at the end of 2021 + 2000 stores, as of today, it is revealed that the meat pad has covered more than 3000 offline stores, far more than expected.He said that this year, meatpad will vigorously develop offline channels, open the cooperation between dealers and stores, while adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation and mutual achievement, from product research and development to terminal sales, meatpad will invite dealers and store customers to participate in every link, create products and build brands together.In addition, the meat mat team has been maintaining frequent visits to dealers and stores, actively communicating with frontline sales policies, quickly responding to the latest needs and feedbacks of dealers and consumers, and constantly optimizing product matrix and channel strategy.PS: In the future, pet industry will continue to pay attention to the continuing trends of meat pads in the pet industry.

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