Ecuador oil spill: Pollutants reach country’s largest nature reserve

An oil pipeline leak in Ecuador on January 28 has contaminated yasuni National Park, the country’s largest natural reserve, according to the environment ministry.According to a report by OCP, the company found a leak in the pipeline and immediately closed the pressure valve, organized workers to stop the spread of pollution and recover the oil.Even so, some of the pollution has spread to Yasuni National Park.In the early hours of January 28 local time, a boulder fell on the company’s pipeline, causing the oil spill, which was later discovered by workers patrolling the field.About 6,300 barrels of oil spilled, and more than 80% of the contamination has been recovered so far, the company said, adding that it will continue to monitor the impact on the soil, vegetation and surrounding communities.At present, OCP, in cooperation with the environment department, has set up several recycling ponds around the contaminated area, and related sewage discharge work is still in progress.(Original title: Ecuador oil spill pollutants reach the country’s largest nature reserve source: CCTV)

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