Number of years of skin sales out, pei capture tiger red fist bottom, full reward issued, 90 points remember to get

For the number of years of skin has been online for sale for two days, I believe that the vast majority of players should be well aware of it, and even for most players, may have started some or even more skin at this stage.After all, the age of five skins is really good to make, especially if you can buy the first one 100 points cheaper.The reason for the low price is very simple, that is, when the number of years on the line, the official synchronously started an activity directly related to the number of years.In this event, players can receive a guaranteed 100-point general coupon.Even after purchasing a lifetime skin, players can receive a lifetime Legend 200 point coupon and a lifetime Epic 150 point coupon.Naturally, under the lure of coupons, this year’s fixed skin was naturally bought by most players.So it is because the fixed number of years skin has been sold and bought by most players, so according to the latest official data, obviously, of the five types of skin this year, Sun Bin’s Yinhu Zhanyi is the one with the highest sales volume, while Pei jiaohu’s Yinhu chequan is the one with the lowest sales volume.No way, the latest camp inside, but can see the skin sales rank.And Yang Yuhuan, Lu Ban no. 7 and Lian Po’s fixed number of years of skin, in sales are ranked in the second to the fourth.After years of skin sales related to know, also need to know, according to the recent official release of content, recent players, apparently can receive the official Spring Festival benefits.From the official welfare description at that time, all players can receive exclusive rewards in the mailbox in these days.Rewards include a tiger outing head frame, a tiger outing gift pack that can contain up to 2,000 diamonds, a tiger outing special effects and nine 10-honor bonus bonus packs.That is to say, the recent players, if after logging in the game, is must remember to go to the mailbox to receive the full service Spring Festival reward.The rewards aren’t huge, but given the 90 honor points, it’s okay for players to be aggressive.Because I don’t know if some players will be able to use the 90 honor points they earn to get their own honor crystal.After all, the Current Glory Crystal store, however, has a limited time discount, 90 points can be drawn twice.Naturally, for those who are lucky enough to get a full server bonus, it can be seen as a free glory crystal or even two.Conclusion fixed number of years these five skin sales, in fact, at present, Sun Bin that row in the first is to let a person some unexpected, but because it is the official data, so the accuracy is certainly no problem, like Sun bin’s player, at present is really many.The reward for the Spring Festival has already been issued, players only need to log in the game and receive it in the mailbox, and then what they can draw from the Glory Crystal store depends on their luck.Well, that’s all for this time.Did you get your skin this Spring Festival?Leave a comment below.I’m cousin. You can call me cousin

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