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Directory 1. The spare tire strategy author: on the safety far pavilion (2) the spare tire counter attack, the author: purple and green 3. Leisurely “spare tire goddess” author: ji xi 4. “miss spare tire: uber highness” author: good gill 5. “I, spare tire, quit” author: ‘god great 6. “the school hunk spare tire I don’t do the” author: meet the boat not cross 1. The spare tire strategy the author:Strangers on the far ting copywriting :(quick wear) this 4 a god goddess lu yao through the world, wisdom, seduction, plan to take control of male god spare children, with love to return to the story.Warm healing department.Warm run senior, evil spirit president, ghost livestock Hou Ye, primitive warrior, abstinence strategist, God of hell, star bandits…And so on people set to be excavated ~, small world personality unique pairing ~ there is always a poke you MOE point wow ~ really win true love.1v1, clean body and mind, slightly difficult attack, absolute favorite.There is also a strange and incredible truth behind it, the return of nirvana.2. “Spare tire reverse attack” author: Purple qingyou copywriting: he is a superstar, but also she has been the male god, ten years, she has been infatuating pay, hard work, until the last to find that he will only her as a spare tire, and his heart has long irreplaceable white moonlight existence.She returned to 15 years ago, this life she decided not to inferiority, and strive to live out their own wonderful, no matter how surprised he won’t like him, more won’t become his spare tire.Cheng Xue was reborn I found that the original cruel and merciless, cold and cruel man has been quietly warm her.3. “Spare Tire Goddess” by Ji XiBefore going abroad she watched him and Miss Gold between the ungrateful love after returning home she witnessed him and miss water between the abusive love long brother said he did not fall in love with fans nine en said it is her fault to become A VIP Li Jiuen has a secret in his heartThat she has a crush on his brother’s friend for many years to become a white swan stand at his side but the ugly duckling metamorphosis and find that this world is never short of original white swan? 4. “miss spare tire: uber highness” author: good gill copywriting: khaki and card meters are twins, crashed into a rock climbing activities cliff!It hurts. It hurts all over. Open your eyes, Nani. What’s going on, miss?Through, spare tire, think my daughter big miss, how can so back!Brother, look at the bracelet, fortunately brother is ok, is not the same as their own through.Surprise, look for!A chance encounter, evildoer, sweet heart dark xu, young lady temper, stubborn temper, met you, my life such as spring refreshing, hot summer, lose you, my life such as autumn withered, cold winter!Find my brother and lose you!Meet again, hot pursuit, heaven and earth, who resist who, who seduce, destroy who, from now on, never abandon!5. I, The Backup Guy, Quit by The Adorable God: In a word: The Backup Guy strikes back!Pass through each world to become silent wait for, infinite the deep feeling male match that pays (number one spare tire), Wen Rujin says he did not work, he wants fancy to be the man that cheat Dally with female feeling.System: “Treat green tea and white lotus as ruthlessly as winter, and treat little lovely as warm spring.Do you understand?”Wen Rujin calmly lifted the book, above only four words: “abuse slag, pet lovely.”(Class representative summary, underline key points!), long the world, be brother low-order take fiancee fairy the second generation (is over) to send money to the rich second generation girlfriend keep gigolo (end) is through the female as a private doctor’s offering (is over) be used completely and was robbed the emperor to the throne (is over) to the President of the white moonlight the reputation of the xi as dad (is over) pool and devil torture love deep in the big brother (is over)Space · Star · Short World · Destiny (The end);The head of the clan (end);West magic (end) 6. “the spare tire of school grass I don’t do” author: meet a boat don’t cross copywriting: heavy life I, Lu Yu swear: don’t be a person to shout dozen female mix.Study hard and go to a good college.Stop being Sucher’s backup girlfriend.So, she took off the thick makeup, lost the steel pipe, put on the school uniform, back a bag……Blocked Sucher.I thought life would be as normal as she expected.Until one day, the tall, handsome boy sat down behind her.Like her, she opened a book of fifty-three.The ballpoint pen slowly flicked the end of her hair, and behind her came the dumb voice of a teenager.”Page 131. Question 4. Is the answer 520?”Later on.What’s more frightening than a fight between underachieving students?It was the low-achieving students who began to study together, and extremely…Don’t ask questions.In this regard, the representatives of each subject said that they had something to say.Chinese: Luckily they can read Chinese characters…Mathematics: when class cadres change (┬ _ ┬) English: Have you ever felt even the definite article is what all don’t know the people are chasing after you to ask attributive clauses of despair?Physics: early know, I had learned liberal arts good.Chemistry: upstairs +1.Creatures: +2 upstairs.

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