Captain Wu Xi is criticized again!After “dodging the ball” Vietnam team, now look at the defense of Oman lost the ball

As we all know, the Chinese national football Team lost 2-0 in the latest match against Oman.Oman itself is not ranked as high as China in the world, yet China not only failed to draw, but still lost 2-0.For The Chinese team, this result is really should not.Of course, the review of the match can be found that this time the Chinese team lost to the opponent, not because of the opponent’s good luck, but purely because the national football team’s performance is very poor, very not to force, and even some old players again made the action of eye defense, so that many fans are completely chill.Wu Xi, the captain of China’s national football team, for example, was catastrophically bad.At that time, the second national football team lost the ball, and Wu Xi’s performance has a great relationship.In the second half, Wu needed to defend against The Saudi player, Fawaz, but unexpectedly, he was distracted and strolling on the court.Because of this, Fawaz suddenly made a quick pass from Wu Xi and then took the ball from his teammate in front of the penalty area to score the goal that sealed China’s 2-0 deficit.If not for Wu Xi’s defensive eyes, Saudi Arabia’s Fawaz might not have been so easy to get the goal, and finally beat China.So the second Chinese team lost the ball, and captain Wu Xi is completely inseparable.In addition to this mistake, another mistake in the game, is the Vietnam team this game, when Wu Xi made the behavior of avoiding the ball.It is precisely because of this behavior that Wu Xi has recently come under a lot of criticism from the outside world, even his previous remarks about eating sea cucumber were dug out and criticized by many fans.In the eyes of many fans, Wu xi, the captain of China’s national football team, failed to take the lead at crucial moments on the pitch and instead retreated, which was unacceptable to many fans.As a result, Wu failed to take the lead in both the Vietnam and Oman games, and both performances were disastrous.Now that Wu is old, and the two games ended so badly, it seemed to many fans that it was time for China’s captain wu Xi to say goodbye to the fans after this World Cup.After all, by comparison, even zhang Linpeng, who is older, has better performance than Wu Xi.Since Wu Xi’s overall performance is not effective, rather than continue to stay in the national team, it is better to quit quickly, so that more young players can have quotas to enter the national team to win glory for the country.In this way, Chinese men’s football team can achieve better results in the future.Finally, look forward to the end of this game, the national football team’s overall list can be mobilized, like Wu Xi Yu Dabao these bad performance of the players, should leave quickly leave it.

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