China’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam: I really have nothing to say

On February 1, 2022, the first day of the Chinese New Year, when China’s national football Team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, MY fingers were wandering around the keyboard. I met Mr. X and asked me, “Have you ever written anything for the National football team?”I said “no”.She admonished me, “You’d better write a little.”But I had nothing to say.I only think the National football team has what face to recrown the name of “China”?The cold numbers are there, as if they are constantly laughing at each of the Chinese people with expectations for the National football team, where can there be any words?Long song when crying, is must be in pain after.Real National football team, dare to face the defeat of the game, dare to face the harsh negative points.What kind of mourners and happiners is this?Yet nature, too often designed for mediocritists, washes away shame by the stream of time, leaving behind only unhearable sighs and senseless wrath.Again and again in the fiasco and humiliation, but also gave the National football team a temporary survival, maintaining the seemingly defeated tournament, to create a success or failure.I don’t know when this is an end!The fiasco was too much for my eyes;Explanation, especially to my ears.What else can I say?Only the bottom can be invincible.Oh shame, oh shame!Break out in disgrace, or perish in disgrace.May the national football team always go up, do not have to listen to the flow of self-pity, a point of effort, will earn a point of success.February 2.– Lou Face no more

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