Dalian High-tech Zone to carry out special rectification action people living more and more comfortable

Morning News (Peninsula Morning News, 39 degrees video reporter Qi Yuanyuan) since this year, the high-tech zone has continued to improve the city’s appearance, improve the urban landscape, has carried out the “five clean”, “four Beautiful one bright” action, a total of more than 30 tons of coastal garbage, more than 300 tons of all kinds of sanitary garbage, cleaning quarantine fence more than 8,000 meters.In combination with the blue sky protection special action of “Protecting good and reducing pollution”, the high-tech zone will strictly enforce the standards of road and street cleaning, increase the frequency of road washing, and implement continuous cleaning to extend the cleaning time in key periods, key areas and areas with frequent sanitation.At the same time, the intensity and frequency of mechanical scanning shall be increased, and the frequency of machine scanning shall be no less than three times a day, each time more than 1.5 hours, to ensure that the main roads and streets are clean and tidy.Sculpture square and Qixian Ridge Park are common places for people to relax.In order to create a better environment, high-tech zone related departments clean up sea and coastal garbage more than 30 tons.At the same time, more than 350 dead spots such as railway lines and mountain roots were cleaned up, and 450 trips of various garbage, totaling more than 300 tons, were removed.The high-tech zone also has a high standard of cleaning and maintenance of public facilities. Since February this year, it has cleaned more than 8,000 meters of isolation barriers, more than 3,500 bus shelters, road signs and traffic signs, more than 2,150 street reading columns and poster columns, and more than 750 power, communication and cable TV equipment.Seven maintenance teams of 150 people were mobilized to clean up the public green space.At present, the whole region in-depth carry out “five clean” action, namely: “clean up”, idle space, mountain roots, rivers, coast and other health dead spots clean up;”Demolition clean”, on the private construction, no approval procedures of illegal buildings, advertising plaque, and set up unreasonable door plate, pole should be removed completely;”Clean”, the floor, lamp posts, fences, bridge railings, road surface and other regular cleaning;”Clean up”, timely maintenance of damaged roads, footpaths and other municipal facilities;”Park clean”, further regular vehicle parking order, classification to be standardized, to ensure uniform, orderly parking.At the same time, carry out the “four Beauty and one bright” action, namely: green beauty, create high-quality green space;Build beauty, strengthen garden maintenance and promotion;Flower beauty, through the arrangement of flowers, hanging flowers, flowers, etc., in the flower to do the full article;Community, enterprise beauty, standard environmental governance, complete rectification of health corner;Boutique lighting, the building, green space, such as fully dress up.

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